Unicorn Eyeliner

Unicorn Eyeliner Is The Newest Internet Makeup Craze

If you are the ultimate fan of unicorns, you’ve probably tried every possible trend – from unicorn nails, to unicorn hair and outfits, but that’s not the end if it, apparently. The mythical creature trend is far from over, and this time, it appeared in the makeup world. You need to pay more attention to your eyeliner skills, because this new trend is all about a unicorn eyeliner.
Get ready to take your eyeliner to the next level! 1. If a rainbow eyeshadow look isn’t enough for you, add a unicorn horn to it.
1 Source: Instagram | @dreyzzydrey
This look is simply artistic! You’ll be the bravest one to try it out. 2. Add some glitter and sparkles to make it even more unique!  It looks stunning in contrast with the darker eyeshadow.
2 Source: Instagram | @virginiaalanis
3. Opt for this simpler look where the eyeliner is subtle with pink, white and blue colors. The gorgeous brow is another point here, but that’s not the point. Look at the simple eyeshadow that goes perfectly with the unicorn look. It just reminds me of cotton candy.
3 Source: Instagram | @krissiikiwii
4. The purple, green and blue hues are giving off some major vibes of Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Maybe Ursula isn’t into unicorns that much, but this look is instant love when you see it.
4 Instagram | @giuliannaa
5. Barely visible eyeshadow, but, oh, the rest of the look! WOW!  It looks like her tears are glittery! Even if you don’t like the lower part, the simple eyeliner makes this look amazing!
5 Source: Instagram | @shengtingx_makeup
6. Sparkles, glitter, flowers, and metallics. I want everything! This is probably the bravest look so far. And you’ll definitely have everyone’s attention, With this look you DESERVE to be the center of attention.
6 Source: Instagram | @khadijahmua
Which one was your favorite? Are you brave enough to try them out?
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