10 Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand to Visit

10 Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand to Visit

10 Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand to Visit

 Thailand is the best place to go for that perfect trip you have been wishing for. It has numerous beautiful islands, along with beaches which are just breath taking.
Thailand has the best street food, those fabulous resorts and luxurious hotels, amazing beach bars, whale sharks, elephants playing polo in a tournament every year as a tribute to the late Thai King, best shopping spree experience, the most gorgeous looking gardens, and you may get to have a glimpse of a lot of exotic species including Gibbons. So let’s look at the 10 most beautiful Islands in Thailand to visit.

10 Koh Tao Island

10 most beautiful Islands in Thailand to visit
Koh Tao Island–Photo via apenoni.com
This is a must visit island when in Thailand. It has been a popular spot for touriststo explore with its natural beauty, that is both around the land and beneath waves of those beautiful beaches. This island is in the shape of turtle, which is why it is named Koh Tao which means Turtle Island, isn’t that amazing. Koh Tao, the tiny island of Thailand, is popular for its fabulous diving centers, and there are more than 20 diving places present in this beautiful island.  You can get to explore the mesmerizing marine life here and you can also go for hiking as well.

9 Ko Samui Island

10 Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand to Visit
Photo via amazingtriptour.com
There are so many reasons to visit this beautiful island of Thailand. It is well known for its delicious food, entertainments and events, beautiful beaches, landscapes and mountains, and the best shopping opportunities. You can also find a lot of luxurious resorts here, with the best amenities. It also has a Big Buddha Temple which is a popular landmark of this island. You can also have a jeep ride among the stunning forests, with beautiful valleys, small waterfalls, and rivers. Other activities you can have on this islands are diving, swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking.

8 Khao Ping Khan Island

10 Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand to Visit
Khao Ping Khan Island–Photo via wikipedia.org
This island is popular for its limestone cliffs which are dramatic with the remarkable green waters. By erosion which happened 200 million years ago, a standing rock which is shaped needle-like and 20 meters’ high was formed, and this was also featured in one of the James Bond Movies. The best thing to do when here is boating and exploring the beautiful KoTapu that is the standing rock. There is also speed boats available along with long-tail boats which can seat around 10 people.

7 Ko Poda Island

10 Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand to Visit
KoPoda Island–Photo via wikimedia.org
It is not a huge island but is beautiful and is surrounded by beach with white sand, and has the most beautiful sceneries. It is the best place to watch sunset, which is just breath taking moment. It is a nice, calm and peaceful island with it being not so crowded. It is a perfect place to relax yourself and cherish each and every moment.

6 Ko Tarutao Island

10 Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand to Visit
Photo via insighttoasia.com
You can rent out a nice bungalow here or even stay in a campsite, which are both offered on this island. It has that quiet and peaceful environment here which tourists just love. You can also explore the exotic wildlife here, rugged mountains, along with jungle scenery.

5 Ko Samet Island

10 Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand to Visit
KoSamet Island–Photo via zastavki.com
This is a small island and is well known for the beautiful beaches with white sands, and amazing sunset. There are a lot of activities you can explore here on this island such as wind-surfing, swimming, catamaran sailing, and jet skiing. This island has that pleasant weather with an amazing night life to look for, with numerous bars, restaurants, and resorts.

4 Koh Chang Island

10 Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand to Visit
Koh Chang Island–Photo via aboutthailandliving.com
Koh Chang is just a beautiful island which will make you feel so peaceful and relax that you won’t feel like ending your vacation here. Its nearby Bangkok that is 5 hours through bus travel, or 45 minutes with ferry ride will get you to this gorgeous island with great beaches and waterfalls. It has the best sceneries with amazing green parks. Also if you are traveling alone here, you will not feel lonely at all, as you can enjoy the most amazing parties at the Lonely Beach which is not at lonely and is full with lively bars.

3 Koh Lipe Island

10 Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand to Visit
Photo via YouTube
This island consists of 3 main beaches which are Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach, and Pattaya Beach, all three of them are just beautiful with clear blue water. It has numerous bars, dance venues, and restaurants, so enjoy that thrilling nightlife here on this beautiful island. You can also go for swimming, or learn to dive in the amazing shallow waters, which is a great opportunity for those who are beginners. Also you have those customary long tail boat rides, along with sailing, and kayaking.

2 Ko PhaNgan Island

10 Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand to Visit
KoPhaNgan Island–Photo via tourist-destinations.com
It has the best full moon parties hosted here, which goes on for the whole night being the full moon party, and is held at the HaadRin Beach. This party is just stunning, and you will have the best of time with various types of dances and music. You can also enjoy your time by having three hours hiking experience, or long tail boat ride. It also has great temples here, among which Wat Pa Sang is one temple you must visit, as it is a colorful temple from where you can see the spectacular Chalok Lam Bay. Also there are amazing seven waterfalls on this island.

1 Ko Lanta Island

10 Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand to Visit
KoLanta Island–Photo via travelntourism.org
It is one of the most spectacular destinations located in Krabi Province. This island is famous for festivals, food, white sandy beaches, and tropical forests. You can do elephant trekking in the National Park of KoLanta and enjoy the beautiful green forest. Also you can explore the marine life here which is just beautiful with 100 different types of species of fishes and 200 kinds of corals.

10 Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand to Visit

No. Beautiful Islands in Thailand to Visit
1 Koh Tao Island
2 Ko Samui Island
3 Khao Ping Khan Island
4 Ko Poda Island
5 KoTarutao Island
6 KoSamet Island
7 Koh Chang Island
8 KoLipe Island
9 KoPhaNgan Island
10 KoLantaISalnd
You will never be bored on this trip, as Thailand has so many attractive places and things you can explore with, among this 10 most beautiful islands.
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