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Malaysia’s Top 10 Best Female DJs

Malaysia’s Top 10 Best Female DJs

Malaysia’s Top 10 Best Female DJs

While female musicians have always been making waves in the music industry, deejaying in the limelight is relatively new as it is a profession that is commonly dominated by males. However, there has been a noticeable rise in female DJs within recent years, giving their male counterparts some tough competition. These incredibly talented and skilled women definitely know how to work magic on a turntable. Whether it is hip hop, EDM, dubstep or more, Malaysians enjoy dancing the night away to the sound of these women rocking out on the decks. In this issue, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its pick of the best female DJs in the country who are winning the hearts of many an audience.

DJ Leng Yein

It is no surprise that Leng Yein makes the list. The former beauty queen and model has been named the number 1 female DJ in Malaysia and has received several accolades throughout the years, so much so that she has become a household name in Asia. She even made the list of World’s Top 100 Female DJs, and is not afraid to be different from others. Her personality stands out, beaming with full of self-confidence and spunk. Her career has brought her on tours all over the world including USA, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and more. Not only does she spin in the hottest nightclubs all over KL, the multi-talented DJ is also a pianist, actress, singer, host and entrepreneur.

DJ Eva T

This EDM queen is one of the fastest rising female DJs not only in Malaysia, but in the region of South East Asia. She was one of the first few Malaysian female DJs that played for the Hennessy Artisty festival, along with Future Music Festival Asia and It’s The Ship. She’s known for not only her electronic dance music tunes but also her brilliant mashups of upbeat and contemporary sounds. Undoubtedly, she has made a name for herself in the country and it appears that Malaysians aren’t the only ones that seem to love the diva from the south. She has played in successful gigs all over the region including Shanghai and Cambodia.

DJ Patricia K

Music has always been a big part of Patricia K’s life. The Danish-Malaysian beauty was bitten by the music bug at the age of 5 when she began playing the piano and is now one of the hottest DJs in the club scene. Inspired by the diverse sounds of artists like Florence and the Machine, her sets are described as fun, sexy and upbeat. Now gaining a respected reputation, Patricia is expected to spin in more venues all over Asia in the years to come. Apart from deejaying, she is also a TV host and model. Despite her status as a rising star, her spontaneous nature always has her constantly looking for new challenges and projects.

DJ Mystery

Being one of the only female DJs from South East Asia to be signed to a European record label, DJ Mystery (Heidi Lai) is considered to be one of the top DJs in the region. She plays EDM, commercial music, mashups, mainstream hits and also her own mixes. With the help of her ever growing fanbase, she has played in successful sold-out venues in many countries. Working her way up the ladder after spending several years in the UK, she got her big breakthrough when French record label 103prods signed her up. Besides headlining in elite clubs, she also performs in exclusive events and music festivals.

DJ Melissa-Jo

From being a trained pianist and violinist since the tender age of 5, Melissa-Jo always dreamed of becoming a musician. “Do it with passion or nothing at all” is a motto she lives by. A combination of her passion towards music and nightlife prompted her to become a DJ. She proved her worth by performing in not only all parts of Malaysia, but and also Macau, China, Singapore and Cambodia although she is relatively new in the scene. She pumps up the crowd with her R&B, hip hop and trap at the popular nightclubs in the city and also mixes classic with contemporary sounds such as combining violin and drums with a modern twist.

DJane Geri

DJane is known for her distinctive style, gracing the decks with sheer elegance and class. From her early days playing piano and violin up until relaying her musical talent to the decks today, she certainly has spent many years immersed in music. Having spun at the hottest spots in the region, she gained the attention of experts and was chosen to perform in overseas gigs. Her unique styles and techniques are not easy to master, especially considering the fact that she is a self-taught DJ. Over the years, she has played in several events such as FMFA and Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge Great Britain Party.

DJ Nory

After years of seeing her favorite DJs perform at raves and concerts, her desire to get behind the turntables came very naturally. She enrolled herself into a DJ academy in Kuala Lumpur to study the perfect mixing and since then, she has been increasingly recognized as an advocator of top quality house music. She quickly made a name for herself in the underground dance music and club scene, playing at some of the best clubs in Malaysia while promoting and organizing her own parties. Apart from attracting several international bookings since then, her upcoming tour to Italy and Germany will take place in March of 2017. She places an importance in searching for quality tunes and connecting with her audience.

DJ Freeze

Pennie Tan kick started her deejaying career by spinning at major clubs in KL such as The Pool and Mist Club and from then on, her popularity soared to new heights. Coupled with good looks and great tunes, she never fails to disappoint party goers. Her EDM and commercial music have proven to be a hit with the audience. Besides being involved at major gigs organized by Celcom Asahi and more, she has also performed overseas gigs at clubs in Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong.

DJ Niza Minx

Being in the scene for almost a decade, Niza Minx holds residency in clubs all across Malaysia such Twentyone Kitchen & BarElysium, Le Noir and Luna Bar to name a few. She also gained international exposure playing in Cambodia, Colombo, Yangon and India for the past few years. House music is something she holds dear to her heart, and don’t let her delicate looks fool you. She has the ability to keep party goers on their toes until the wee hours of the night with her funky, classic and groovy tunes where she constantly delivers entertaining and fun music to the dance floors.

DJ Alexis Grace

Being in the EDM scene since 2013, this beauty has toured all over Asia and beyond including Taiwan, Australia Laos and Cambodia, rocking events for Belvedere, Heineken, DCODE, Tag Heuer, Tudor, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. Currently ranked 6th in Asia, she is one of the most sought-after female DJs with her explosive sets and high energy music. Blowing party goers away, she is also a renowned fashion icon with her flavorful fashion sense. Recently, she just launched her radio show Mamamia, with thousands of weekly listeners tuning in.

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