I Was Tired Of Being Called Fat And Ugly

“I Was Tired Of Being Called Fat And Ugly”

Thachayani Ravichanthiran’s newfound appreciation for fitness helped her lose 41kg

For Thacha, the toughest part about being overweight was how others defined her by her appearance. “I was tired of being obese and unhealthy, and being called fat and ugly,” she adds. She decided to start her journey in December 2014, but quickly became demotivated due to stress from a tough working environment. A year passed and she started to realise that she fell ill more often, her blood pressure had increased and her joints ached. “Being around sick people in the clinic made me realise that I was looking at my future, and that was my turning point,” she recalls. “I didn’t want to end up that way.” It was also around this time that she was appointed as an ambassador for sports events in her office, which made her think: “People believe in me. I must be healthy to keep up my end of the bargain so I started jogging again (6km on the weekends). This time, I didn’t give up and lost 10kg in three months.” Later that same year, the 26-year-old started attending Zumba classes. She also cut her meal portions, which saw her shed over 4kg, and that, in turn, motivated her to lose even more. The Change Last December, she became a member of Celebrity Fitness. “I fell in love with fitness there, and it’s my current addiction,” she says. “I work out at least two hours a day with the help of Christoph Ng Kai Yu, the best personal trainer I could ever ask for. I learned the proper way of using gym equipment and techniques in each compound exercise. He helped me sort out which exercises are suitable for my physical condition. I’m very grateful to him.” The Lifestyle Earlier this year, Thacha joined the Fit for Life competition organised by Celebrity Fitness. “It was three months of hard work. I joined many classes from Body Combat and Body Pump to Zumba, and followed a strict diet. I managed to get down to 83kg,” she adds. She may have been one of the competition winners, but that doesn’t mean her quest is over. “My workout has become my daily booster. There’s still a long way to go before I achieve my ideal weight of 63kg, and I’m not giving up until I reach it,” Thacha stresses. She also does loads of weight training. “It’s very important. As our muscles grow, we have better strength and endurance to do more cardio, and that leads to more kilos shed. It doesn’t build excessive-looking muscles, but it does bring out sexy-looking lean muscles,” she notes. As for her diet, the key is portion control. “It’s difficult to suddenly shift gears from junk to healthy. So, go slow but monitor your progress,” Thacha advises. “My meals are mostly proteins and a little bit of carbs, but I drink a lot of water. I always tell myself, if I never stop my binging habit, I’m never getting the body that I want.” The Reward Thacha now feels more active, energetic and stronger: “I have a good perspective towards life now, and I’m willing to face whatever challenges come my way. I love myself even more.” What’s the most important lesson that she’s learned? “If you have perseverance, willpower and focus, you can definitely achieve anything that you desire in life no matter how many obstacles you face,” she reflects. “Whenever I feel like giving up, I think about all the discouraging comments that have been thrown at me. I want to be living proof that weight loss is achievable if you work hard for it. Nothing can stop you, unless you limit yourself. You’ll be surprised by what you can achieve.”
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