A New Lipstick Has Been Released That Pays Homage To The Human Form

Now, if you’re struggling to think of a contemporary depiction of the nude, then allow me to broaden your artistic horizons and introduce you to a new line of lipsticks released by cosmetic brand Miss Rose:

Credit:  Ali Express They’re online at Ali Express, cost around £1.12 ($1.47) each and come in a range of colours – an accurate representation of the human phallus, with a practical use to boot. Describing the artistic vision behind the dick-sticks, the product description reads: ”If you have ever felt awkward eating a banana in public, then this lipstick is about to make you feel like you’re in a porno by simply applying a swipe of lippy.
”Rather than opting for a the classic cylindrical stick, for their new range, they came up with the idea of making their lipsticks into the shape of cocks. Beyond the obvious bell-end, each peen is perfected with veiny wrinkly detail.” As you might imagine, admirers on Instagram have been appreciating the close detail and craftsmanship: It’s great to see so many people appreciating the human form. via by Ladbible : James Dawson
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