The fabulous life of a 28-year-old Malaysian billionaire heiress and CEO

chryseis tan Chryseis Tan on the island of Providenciales.chrystan_x/Instagram

Chryseis Tan is more than just an heiress.

Chryseis Tan is an investor and CEO. She’s also the daughter of a Malaysian billionaire. She shares her fashion, travels, meals, and lifestyle with 178,000 Instagram followers. She got engaged to another Malaysian billionaire’s son in June. Chryseis Tan’s Instagram bio is simple: ”I want to travel the world.” Of course, many people share her desire to see new places. But those people aren’t the daughter of a Malaysian billionaire. Tan, a 28-year-old investor and CEO in her own right, travels in private jets and enjoys 18-course meals at trendy restaurants. Here’s why her 178,000 Instagram followers can’t get enough of her glamorous lifestyle. View As: One Page Slides   Chryseis Tan is more than just an heiress.

Her father, Vincent Tan, does happen to be the 20th richest man in Malaysia…

 …but she has plenty of her own ventures keeping her busy.

She’s the CEO of Berjaya Times Square, Malaysia’s largest inner-city mall. 

She’s also an investor in Goxip, a fashion app that tracks down styles featured in any photo and tells users where to buy similar pieces. 

Her own style is always on point.


Tan is constantly on the move.

Her preferred mode of transportation is private jet.

Still, she’s not one to turn down a camel ride.

Her jet-setting lifestyle involves lots of glamorous getaways …


… and ridiculously decadent desserts.

In June, she got engaged to Faliq Nasimuddin, the son of another Malaysian billionaire.


Serious couple goals.

Their wedding is going to be epic.

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