The Most Insane Celebrity Weight Transformations

The Most Insane Celebrity Weight Transformations!

Kelly Clarkson

The winner of the 2002 American Idol saw her career skyrocket shortly after her success with the show. Everything was a hurricane of shows and TV, but then something happened. Kelly gained weight and looked nothing like her slim self! Media criticism followed, but Kelly was undaunted. True fans supported her and said that they didn’t mind the body transformation. Well, as they say, what doesn’t kill your career will make it stronger!

Tyra Banks

Multi-talented Tyra Banks is many things. She’s a singer, actress, author, producer, TV personality and talk show host. That kind of pressure really adds up, doesn’t it?
Still, the supermodel thinks that it’s good to add on a few pounds every now and then. In a recent interview, Tyra mentioned that she thought she looked better than before when she gained weight on her face and body. When asked about why the industry insists in keeping their models skinny, the GQ cover girl and Sports Illustrated model says that the hosts assume clothes look better on someone who is smaller. Would you agree?

Keanu Reeves

You’d think that the Matrix star would hack into the system to turn his body into a muscled physique, but we politely digress. Keanu Reeves slipped out of the movie spotlight in the year 2013 and reappeared with a lot of excess pounds. Tabloids spotted the actor in Cannes, France and noticed that the 48 yr old actor looked very old, tired and bloated, and he had a noticeable paunch.
The reason for the transformation? It could be due to some very unfortunate events in Keanu’s life which led him to a depressed state. Like the untimely death of his girlfriend, for one.

Star Jones Reynolds

We all know that Star Jones Reynolds had been heavy all her life, but in 2003 the actress decided to turn her life around for good.
Star mentioned that she didn’t consider herself as “full-figured” or “plus-sized”. She admitted to the press that she was morbidly obese at 300-plus pounds! It took a lot of courage to say that live and on camera, but it served as the catalyst to an amazing body transformation.
Star Jones went through a gastric bypass surgery to begin her weight loss journey. Before the operation, the medical staff had to bring in an industrial-strength weighing scale. Star then resolved to never get on one of those things again. After the operation, Star lost about 160 pounds and has been staving off the excess weight ever since!

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is so dedicated to his craft that he’s known for going through radical body changes in order to portray different roles successfully. In the 1996 film Courage Under Fire, Matt was cast as a soldier who was addicted to drugs, to which he lost 40 lbs accordingly. Matt added 30 lbs instantly when he was cast in the 2009 movie The Informant.
The secret to his swift body transformation? Matt mentioned that he didn’t keep any diet and ate everything he could get his hands on during that time. In 2013, Matt did his magic trick once again when he appeared as a muscular, ripped actor for the film Elysium.

Jessica Simpson

No woman can get back to being her slim self after having two kids, and Jessica Simpson is no exception. In an effort to get her sexy self back, Jessica joined Weight Watchers in 2012 and promptly shed 60 lbs after she gave birth to her first child. But during her second pregnancy, she shocked the world by gaining all those lost pounds, and more!
Jessica talks about the importance of having a variety of sizes in her clothing line because she herself has gone through different sizes all her life.

Val Kilmer

Imagine Val Kilmer in his prime in the film Batman and Top Gun. Sorry to disappoint you, but Val Kilmer of today is nothing like that! Fans of the movie will certainly be disappointed. After Batman Forever, it looks like Val has let himself completely go. But it’s not his fault, though- the actor had acquired throat cancer and as a result, he had to undergo emergency throat tracheotomy to have it treated. The after effects of the operation shaved a lot of weight off Val’s body.
There’s still hope, though. Val Kilmer has recently announced that he will be playing as Iceman once again in Top Gun 2.


Former Best Supporting Actress weighs in at a hefty 300 lbs, but turned her life around using a rigorous exercise regimen with her trainer. The Hollywood star is active on various social media platforms- she’s been tweeting photos and encouraging messages to her followers, urging them to do the same. Today, she is 80 pounds lighter!
In an interview on TV One, MoNique mentions that she had to do this her own way and dedicated the fitness program to her children and husband. She also said that you can push yourself to go harder even if you feel that you reached the end of the line.

50 Cent

The renowned rapper took the challenge to go through a radical body transformation when he went to play a cancer-ridden American football player in the film Things Fall Apart. 50 Cent had to take of 54 lbs in order to accurately play the part!
50 Cent wrote the script and says in an interview that he was inspired by a true story of a friend who had cancer. The rapper remembered how his manager was alarmed and told him how he was losing weight very quickly. 50 Cent admitted that he was so into the weight loss mission that he didn’t really think about it during the time. He wanted to look the part and felt he had to be smaller each time he looked in the mirror. Moreover, the rapper said that he had to slim down to look like his friend and to ultimately do the story justice.

Hilary Duff

Beautiful actress Hilary Duff put on the pounds after she had her first child. Hilary mentioned how difficult the baby weight was to remove, and how it was a negative thing in today’s culture. It’s no secret that the former Lizzie McGuire star has been struggling with weight issues and self-image most of her life, but she claims to have put these skeletons in the closet behind her.
Hilary says that she spends too much time worrying about what others think of her physique. She says that she finally accepted the body she was given and now, she’s proud of it!

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal is mostly famous for his smattering of action film movies in the early 90s. The 7th degree black belt holder in Aikido used to sport a capable physique in peak condition, but has long since lost it. Steven is now considered a big fat joke.

Nicole Snooki Polizzi

Instead of gaining weight, Nicole Polizzi did the opposite when she had her first child, Lorenzo. The former Jersey Shore celebrity says her weight loss was due to having to breastfeed her son during the first 2 months. In an effort to get back on track, Nicole enlisted the help of her trainer and began a 1,300 calorie a day diet program while working out in the gym 4 days a week.

Vince Vaughn

Who could forget the actor who’s been with us since the 80s? Vince, a famous American producer, screenwriter and actor has had his career rocket to celebrity status since his appearance in the comedy film Swingers in 1996.
Time has not been kind for the aging actor. He has long since lost his youthful physique and has gained weight like most actors his age.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey became almost unrecognizable following her birth to two healthy bouncing twins. She really put on the pounds and became obese!
The Hollywood star turned her weight around with dedication, a strict diet and a tough exercise program. From there, Mariah miraculously lost more than 70 lbs. She said that most of it was water weight. Today, Mariah is a popular spokesperson of the Jenny Craig diet. She testified how it helped her shave off the excess weight and kept her from gaining it all back. Mariah mentioned that she wasn’t able to move about after the C-section birth at first, but then the diet program gave her the edge she needed to get a slimmer physique.

Drew Carey

The TV host said that he was eating plenty of junk food while he was doing episodes of the Drew Carey Show. He was also doing some binge drinking and experiencing daily mood swings and temper flares. Drew Carey got diabetes for it.
What turned it around for the Price is Right host? His 11 yr old son, Connor. Drew realized that he wanted to be around for his son, who was the product of his relationship with ex-fiance Nicole Jaracz. Even though they broke up in 2012, Drew wanted to be a huge part of his son’s life and valued the father-son relationship.
Drew revealed that ultimately it was his diet that he wanted to change to get better. Following this, Drew lost approximately 100 lbs, which paved the road to recovery. He says that he didn’t have to rely on his diabetes medication once he shed off the excess pounds.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale is one of the best actors because he applies himself fully to his craft, which means he will lose or gain weight as needed. A well-documented body transformation showed how Christian amazingly shed more than 60 pounds in an extremely short time (from 173 to 110!) to portray Trevor Reznik, a paper-thin chronic insomniac. The actor revealed the secret to his weight loss regimen- an apple or a can of tune per day for 4 months! Can you do the same?

Oprah Winfrey

It’s not unusual to see Oprah gain some weight in one week while seeing her slimmer form a week after. The TV personality decided it was high time to shave off the excess pounds permanently. She promptly joined the Weight Watchers and have successfully lost more than 40 lbs since!
In a reveal, Oprah proclaims that she enjoyed the Weight Watcher program because it allows her to enjoy her favorite foods without being restricted to one or two food type. Furthermore, the host said that it was one of the easiest diet programs she has ever had- the system itself was liberating! You never had to be on the constant lookout for your weight, Oprah says. It has worked for her and numerous others who have been on the Weight Watchers program.

Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan weighed at a hefty 348 lbs before opting for a radical weight loss surgery. When he agreed to have a lap band surgery, the result was an astounding loss of more than 100 lbs! But when his twin brother almost died due to lap band complications, Rex agreed to have his removed in the name of brotherly love.

Britney Spears

Sultry singer and actress Britney Spears had a smoking hot body in 2001. She dropped off men’s fantasies 8 years later when she added the pounds!
People got used to seeing her rounded abs in shows. After all, who could keep weight off after giving birth to 2 kids? Britney then got sick of it and resolved to lose weight. She enlisted the help of Tony Martinez, her personal trainer and got back a lean stomach during the exercise program just in time for the Planey Hollywood residency in Las Vegas. She and her trainer went to the gym 3 or 4 times per week and trained 40 minutes to bring her back to her pre-baby physique.

John Goodman

We all know John is on the plus side when it comes to weight, but how shocked are we when he showed off a lighter frame to play a part in the film 10 Cloverfield Lane?
John mentioned in an interview with movie critic Peter Travers that he basically stopped eating 24/7. He admitted that he was just unconsciously shoving food in his mouth all the time. Before, the actor revealed how he would lose around 60 to 70 pounds in 3 months and reward himself with a 6-pack of Bud. It was a habit that did nothing for his weight.
But this time, the actor wanted to get in shape permanently. He says that he has started moving and exercising because it won’t do any good for his age to be sitting around. John attests that his personal training regimen has allowed him to work more due to having more energy.
The actress who drew an Emmy Award after her role as Skyler in Breaking Bad had several noticeable body transformations throughout the whole series. The proud mom of two mentioned that she had gone down with the flu during the final season of the award-winning series. The health experts gave her cortisol to combat the sickness and this caused her to gain weight and puff up. Anna has long since slimmed down again after being taken off the prescription.

Randy Jackson

American Idol judge and show host Randy Jackson thought about a brand new start when he was diagnosed by a doctor for type II diabetes in the year 2001. Two years later, Randy underwent a gastric bypass surgery in an effort to eliminate the excess fat. But that didn’t stop the pounds from coming in. Randy admitted in an interview that he came from the South, which meant good times were punctuated by feasts. In a last ditch effort to turn his life around, Randy went through a rigorous training program and a balanced diet, which eventually shaved some inches off his waist.
Janet Jackson
Emotional eating isn’t good for you. Case in fact- Janet Jackson has long since struggled with weight issues, which affected her self-confidence throughout her esteemed career. A well-known yo-yo dieter, Janet went back and forth with body transformations before finding a home in Nutrisystem.
In an interview with US Weekly, Janet mentioned that people could relate to her because she was a living testament. She understands how people could have problems with weight loss on either spectrum, whether not having enough or having too much.

Raven Symone

Raven admitted that it was tough for her to work in the entertainment industry while maintaining an ideal body weight. The former child star recalls how people around her were telling her to eat this type of food and constantly reminding her not to eat this and that. Hey people, not to remind you but she was 7 when she acted in the Disney series That’s So Raven, right? A kid has to be hungry and eat!
Raven also stated that she felt depressed when she wasn’t able to meet certain standards of beauty set by society. At the end of the show in 2007, Raven committed to slimming down and has lost a healthy 70 lbs during her Hollywood break.

Kevin Federline

Who could forget K-Fed, actor, fashion model, rapper, dancer, and more importantly, the other half of Britney Spears for 2 years that ended in a bitter separation?
Kevin has simply lost the desire to maintain optimal body shape over the years. There’s a reason for it, though- the American rapper mentioned how his depression after the fallout following the Britney Spears divorce affected his control. In a US Weekly interview, Kevin said that depression can make you feel like doing nothing all day. He added that it can make you feel discouraged about life, about yourself and then the pounds start piling up. The rapper has attributed depression for all those things. Eventually, the relationship with Britney improved and allowed Kevin to pick up where he left off. He’s now doing better than ever!

Mindy Kaling

One of the best comedians in the industry, Mindy is a writer, a comedian and a famous actress. You may know her in the lead role she plays in The Mindy Project. In response to media criticism, Mindy has admitted that she’d love to make a few changes about herself. In the Vogue interview, the comedian said how she always tried to lose 15 lbs, but stated that she never felt the need to slim down. In fact, Mindy says that she never wanted to be skinny and that she doesn’t beat herself over it.

Mike Tyson

You’d think that a sports icon would be forever buff and muscled, but sadly this isn’t the truth. Mike Tyson nowadays is not looking like his former self. The former champ who holds the record for being the youngest boxer to hold the IBF, WBA and WBC titles has undergone a radical body transformation in a sense of the word.
Mike claims that he has always been a fat kid. When he doesn’t watch what he eats or how often he exercises, his weight balloons up quickly. Mike then decided that enough was enough and started doing something about it in 2012. The former heavyweight boxer shed off 140 lbs and went vegan. He claimed that he adopted the diet after having too many lawsuits, too many bankruptcies, too many venereal diseases, women, prison cells, too many everything. Mike said he wanted to have a different life.

Jonah Hill

onah has enjoyed a bit of success due to his roles in many Hollywood films, which garnered him some respectable awards. The producer, writer, film maker and actor has also had his weight go up and down over the years. In the 2011 film Moneyball, Jonah lost more than 40 lbs, which he says was due to clean eating. The actor got all those back when he was preparing for the 2016 film War Dogs. These days, you can see Jonah slimming down, thanks to a personal trainer he’s been working with.

Matthew Perry

Beloved actor in the hit TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. as Chandler Bing, Matthew has forever struggled with weight issues due to personal issues and addiction. In 1997 he was admitted to rehab after a Vicodin addiction, to which he promptly lost 140 lbs. Then in 2011 it was back to rehab for alcohol, amphetamines, methadone and Vicodin addiction. Matthew has now appeared with a double chin and is currently struggling to find good acting roles.

Alec Baldwin

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin once held everybody’s attention when he was in his prime. Success leads to neglect, and pretty soon you see Alec piling on the pounds. Alec was diagnosed with pre-diabetic blood sugar levels and vowed to live a healthy lifestyle. The actor thanks his wife Hilaria for putting him on a daily workout plan and a strict diet, which meant refined carbs, bread, pasta and fruits were out of the picture.  
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