Top 10 Hijab Inspired style by Neelofa

Top 10 Hijab Inspired style by Neelofa

Naelofar Beautiful Hijab Styles

Naelofar Hijab was founded by famous actress Neelofa Noor, it was her love for fashion that made her pursue her own label for hijabs. Naelofar Hijab was formed in 2014 when she and her team successfully came up with a revolutionary design for instant shawls. Hijab. The very word conjures up images of gorgeous Muslim girls with pretty scarves tied around their head, hiding their hair from view. There’s a great deal to be said about this amazing practice that elevates a girl’s beauty by concealing something that societal standards deem necessary for her to look beautiful—her hair. So it’s quite natural and unsurprising that the hijab has made its way into mainstream fashion. More and more girls have started wearing the hijab fearlessly, and the fashion police has started to sit up and take notice. In fact, London now hosts a Modest Fashion Week every year that showcases hijabs and full body covering dresses in all their glory. Since hijab has become such a big part of fashion, we obviously had to give you our rundown of the best ways to wear hijab. But before we jump into that, let’s look at why Muslim women wear hijab in the first place.

1. Simple Hijab Style

Naelofar Hijab

2. Chest Covering Hijab Style

3. Hijab Style For Oval Face

4. Hijab Style for working mode


5. Hijab Style leisure mode

6. Hijab Style for travel

7. Wrapping Hijab With Accessories On It

 8. Side-Pinned Hijab Style

 9. Hijab Style for function


 10. Hijab Style for fashion

AirAsia Lantik Naelofar Hijab Reka Tudung Untuk Juruterbang Wanita

Naelofar Hijab for Air Asia Malaysia
Dilaporkan, Naelofar Hijab telah bekerjasama dengan AirAsia untuk melancarkan hijab yang direka secara eksklusif untuk dipakai oleh juruterbang wanita yang berhijab dalam syarikat penerbangan itu. “Malah, rekaan ini juga menampilkan ciri-ciri tambahan yang amat fleksibel untuk memudahkan pergerakan para pemakai serta dihiasi simbol Naelofar Hijab bertatahkan kristal Swarovski untuk sentuhan akhir,” katanya.   Source: Neelofa Hijab
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