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10 Beautiful Wives Of World Famous Billionaires

If you were billionaires, it’s likely that you’d want to marry someone very good looking and hot, as did the spouses of the women in this list. In this post, we are going to discuss 10 beautiful wives of world famous billionaires. Some of these marriages were done out of love. And for some, it was the money and power that played a role. Many of these women have very successful careers, and as a result, together with their spouses, they are power couples.

Check out these 10 beautiful wives of world famous billionaires:

10. Kristy Hinze

Kristy Hinze Kristy Hinze, a model, and actress. She is probably best known for her appearances in Victoria’s Secret catalog and the Sports Illustrated, back in the days. She married the 64-years-old billionaire James H. Clark in 2009, as a result becoming one of the most beautiful wives of world famous billionaires. The couple has two daughters. She has a passion for yacht race and even won the Hobart Yacht Race, becoming the first female boat owner to do so.

9. Andrea Hissom

Andrea Hissom Andrea Hissom is married to billionaire Steve Wynn. The couple is often called the American counterpart to the British royal couple Prince William & Kate Middleton. The couple, at the time of writing this, resides in New York. It’s worth noting that Steve Wynn is famous for destroying a Picasso painting when he accidentally put his elbow through the painting while showing it to a couple of guests.

8. MacKenzie Bezos

MacKenzie Bezos MacKenzie Bezos is teh wife of the CEO of the world’s biggest retail entrepreneur, Jeff Bezos. They married in 1993, and a year later, Jeff founded Amazon. MacKenzie has studied under Toni Morrison and therefore the writer later praised her as “one of the best students I’ve ever had in my creative writing classes.” Right now MacKenzie is working for an anti-bullying organization called the Bystander Revolution that she founded in 2014.

7. Aleksandra Melnichenko

 Aleksandra Melnichenko She is the wife of the Russian business magnate Andrey Melnichenko. It’s worth mentioning that Melnichenko ranks among Forbes world’s billionaires and therefore Aleksandra is one of the richest wives. Like a lot of the wives in this list, Melnichenko started her career as a model at the age of 15. They dated for two years and then married in a lavish wedding ceremony. Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera attended the wedding and performed in return for a payment. When Aleksandra turned 30, they threw an extravagant party, paid Jennifer Lopez $2 million to perform.

6. Kirsty Bertarelli

Kirsty Bertarelli Wife of Ernesto Bertarelli, Kirsty is a former Miss UK. She is married to one of the richest men in the United Kingdom, and as a result, she became Britain’s richest woman. After winning the crown in 1988, Kirsty concentrated on her music career and became a songwriter. She supports a number of charities and has encouraged a number of charitable projects. Speaking of her career, some of her songs have done really well.

5. Dasha Zhukova

Dasha Zhukova
Darya “Dasha” Alexandrovna Zhukova is mostly known as Dasha Zhukova. Founder of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and Garage Magazine, Dasha is an editor, art collector and a Russian businesswoman. Married to the wealthy, Roman Abramovich who serves in Putin’s inner circle. Dasha is good friends to Ivanka Trump (who appears later in the list). As a result, she attended Trump’s Inauguration. Therefore, it strengthened suspicions surrounding Russian government‘s support to Trump and his interference in the US presidential election.

4. Erica Packer

Dasha Zhukova Erica Georgia Packer is a model and singer. She is the wife of James Packer, the eighth richest man in Australia. She married her husband in a lavish ceremony that spurged over $15 million. The couple has three children and has announced their separation. As for her career, Erica has seen ups and downs but has failed to make any big impact. Her album Through My Eyes that came out in 2007 was mostly unsuccessful because of shortcomings in the promotion. Erica is among the most beautiful wives of world famous billionaires
 3. Oleksandra Nikolayenko
Oleksandra Nikolayenko
Oleksandra Nikolayenko-Ruffin is a model and actress, like a lot of other wives in this list. She holds a number o beauty pageants like “Miss Ukraine,” “Miss American Dream,” “First vice-Miss Tourism-Planet,” to name a few. She married Phil Ruffin, a 72-years-old billionaire and together they have two children. Oleksandra is a designer as well as the National Director Chairman of Miss Ukraine Universe. Oleksandra studied at the Odessa National Law Academy. As a result, people call her a beauty with brains.

2. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek Salma Hayek Pinault is a former model, producer and an actress. She made films like Frida, Desperado, Puss in Boots, Grown Ups, and Wild Wild West. Hayek is the wife of billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault. They have a daughter. She is a big advocate of raising awareness on violence against women as well as a great champion of breastfeeding.

1. Melania Trump

Melania Trump She is married to the billionaire President of United States of America. Melani started modeling at the age of 5 and then went on to appear in her first commercial at the age of 16. Melania eventually got a U.S. citizenship. She was part of the 2016 Presidential campaign of her husband, Donald Trump. Who do you think is the most admirable among these beautiful wives of world famous billionaires?
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