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Top 7 Free Online Degree Universities For Undergraduate

Get free online degree is much easy in the present era, powered by technology, we have the pleasure to do many things right from home or from our offices. You can now attain your college degree online without having to attend a physical classroom. The degree you get online is the same as those available for the students sitting in class for the same course. In this article, you are going to learn about the different universities that offer free degree courses online. All you need is your computer and internet connection to take your classes. No need for traveling to a far off place to attend classes. You do not need to raise any tuition fees to cover your studies either. All you need is schedule the time you want to take your classes and connect to the internet.

Getting a Free Online Degree from Anywhere in the World

The free online degree universities are run by the lecturers that manage physical classes, too or work flexibly as freelancers. Some of them just volunteer to make an impact in the world. For this reason, if you get a chance to learn your degree online for free, make a complete use of it and excel to make your lecturer proud. Here are the free online degree universities you can apply:

7. The Barclay College:

Offering both undergraduate and masters degree courses, the college is a Christian foundation that helps people get knowledge in different fields. The main courses of study cover Biblical Studies, Business Management, Psychology, and Christian Ministry Leadership. For the online degree, you will be required to pay $395 per credit hour and $25 technology fee. However, this can be catered for by a grant from the FAFSA. Apply for the scholarship then go ahead and apply for your college admission. More details on the university website.

6. Brown University:

The university also offers both classroom and online degree courses. You can enroll for your degree program online from the Brown University. There are different courses you can choose from. The university offers both undergraduate and Masters courses. For students whose family income is less than $5k, you do not need to pay anything to get your degree. Read more details on the university website.

5. Nelson Mandela University:

The Nelson Mandela University is one of the Universities in the United States that offer free degree programs. They offer online (Distance learning) programs without boundaries. You can start your studies from anywhere in the world. All you need is get a copy of the requirements and apply. All the documents are outlined on their website. For further information, see the University website here.

4. The University of the People:

When you search for a fully-accredited online university for free degree courses, you should think of the University of the People. All the courses offered are free of charge. The degree courses you can enroll include Computer Science, Business administration, and Health Science. Available degrees are Bachelors, Masters, and Associate Degrees. To ensure that they only enroll serious students who value the education they get online, you need to pay for enrollment ($60, nonrefundable) as well as the processing fees that cater for your exams. More details about the fees available on the University website here.

3. FutureLearn Online Courses:

Join close to 7 million other students (as per the date of this post) to get your free online degree from top universities across the globe. You just sign up and begin your classes. Study while at home or office, at your own pace. Different university lecturers from top-recognized institutions offer the programs. You will also get a UK University document to show you have completed your course. For further details, please visit the FutureLearn website.

2. The Harvard University:

Free courses from the university are available as open and online courses. The program is accessible through the edX platform where different courses are available from different universities. The University lecturers have put together the courses and made provision of the same on the edX portal to cater for those who do not need to attend any physical classroom to study. There are no charges learning online at edX. More information regarding the courses offered by the Harvard University for free available on their website.

1. Yale University:

The University offers free open course materials for any individual who wants to learn online. The materials are freely available on the website and you can study online or download them to study at home. They comprise of the videos, audio, and text transcripts that are recorded live during the class sessions in the University. You, however, should know that you will not receive any document showing you attended classes at the University. For more, check the University’s open course program.

The Bottomline:

It is easy to get a free degree online or a course from many universities. However, not so many will offer you a degree document for free. But that should be a limiting factor if your aim is to gain self-development skills. Go on, register, develop your skill, and employ yourself.
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