4 factors of leadership qualities from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad

4 factors of leadership and premiership qualities from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad

On the past significant 9th May 2018, Malaysia has successfully held a very memorable election which all Malaysians voted for the new government to rule the country. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad has made a stunning comeback to politics after stepping down 15 years ago and win over the elections. It have become the historical change of Malaysia and he now leads the country to a new future. From his path of striving for victory, there are many things to learn from this old man, whose age is not a detriment to proof a success. Here, we examined and analyzed out 4 factors that show the leadership qualities from the oldest Prime Minister in the world.    
  1. Guts And Grit In The Face Of Adversity

Tun Dr Mahathir is a visionary and guts leader. At the same time, he is intelligent, dynamic, calm and pragmatic. His speech and discourse were incorporated a persuasive vision of Malaysia to help unify the people and to support his main goal. However, throwback to the years of governance, his assertive leadership always led Tun Dr Mahathir to the level with criticism. He always has the labels from people such as dictator and autocrat and often hard to get things done. As a leader, Dr Mahathir is grit in the face the adversity. He does not only know what has to be done, but also he knows how to get it done. It is just the matter of time.   “Guts is a commodity that is scarce in this country,” said by Tun Dr Mahathir. Yet, this bravery guy struggles over all the criticisms and back from retirement to once again governance the country’s administration. It is because he was motivated by a singular goal – to restore good governance and rule of law.   This goal sustained him to counter all the difficulties through his roller coaster journey.  
  1. Listen Carefully To People

During a press conference which declared Pakatan Harapan was the winner at the 509 elections, he was remarked for the reasons of good results: “For a dictator, I am a good listener.”     Tun Dr Mahathir knows who he is speaking to and who he should listen carefully. It is the efforts of people who believed in him and get him back into the premiership of the country. As the chairman of the Pakatan Harapan, managing ‘a motley of parties’ from four different ideologies is seen as a difficult task. Listening to every parties and citizen’s insights is critical for balancing the benefits.   Yet, despite the odds, he has shown his capabilities for embracing differences. Tun Dr Mahathir would often ask for insights during meetings, clarify by Fahmi Fadzil Syed Saddiq and Abdul Rahman. This important characteristic has helped him become the powerful leader.  
  1. Communicate The Goal With Clarity And Persuasion To Stakeholders

Tun Dr. Mahathir is one of the few leaders in the country who has the skill and ability to capture people’s mind when he speaks. His prominent abilities have placed him in the eyes of his audiences. He speaks calmly and courageously in words, and always tailored his message and thought to his stakeholders.   For example, Tun Dr. Mahathir crisscrossed Malaysia with his humour in both English and Malay speeches during the campaigning season. He also used to simplify some complex issues like how corruption and abuse of power have affected the economy and why a change is necessary.   Apart from being a charismatic leader, his clarity’s communication was one of the personal skills as a Prime Minister. Especially when interacting with other leaders and societies that would form an important power.  
  1. Keep Calm and Lead On

Tun Dr Mahathir launched the ideas on the initiatives by the new government right after he was sworn into the Prime Minister office. He continued to communicate calmly and confidently with the anxious public about the topic like investigate corruption through press conferences and public statements.     “Everything takes time, even answering you takes time.” His response to the public like the wise and humour leader he is. Yet, although there is still much uncertain weight on his shoulders, Tun Dr Mahathir showed public with his patience. He sometimes reminds us as more of a grandfather than a ‘dictator’. He always answered questions calmly about the state of the nation’s politics and the economy at every public appearance.   Credit to: https://my.asiatatler.com/generation-t/prime-minister-tun-dr-mahathir-mohamad-leadership      
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