【Serum】Do you know what is Hair Serum? Let’s unveil the mystery of it!

Hair serums are not new product in the market but rather with time their popularity has absolutely expanded. As of now, hair serums have turned into a vital piece of the hair care product range.  Curling, coloring or blow drying your hairs can be an ordinary thing for you, however it isn’t generally normal for your hairs. Any process that involves chemical and heat ends up damaging your hairs in some way or other. This is the place the Best hair serums come in.



Hair serums are concentrated liquid formulations that sustain the hairs and give a layer of protection to your delightful locks. The Best hair serums really convey a pack of different advantages and if you can pick the correct one according to the necessities of your hairs, it can unravel out more than half of your hair problems.



What it is – Hair Serum?


The main thing to start with – what is a hair serum? A hair serum is generally a silicone based hair care product that covers the surface of the hair shafts yet isn’t assimilated completely into the poles. It is entirely for application onto the length of the hairs and not on the roots or the scalp.



In any case, as of now there is various oil based serums that may or may not contain silicone and are claimed to get adsorbed into the hair shafts making them stronger from inside.


Benefits of using hair serum

Essentially, the best quality hair serums are costly. Thus, before you spend your cash on them it is just wise to have a reasonable thought regarding the benefits of using hair serums.

  • Hair serums fill in as a defensive obstruction on the hairs saving them from the harsh weather, pollutants and sun.

  • The Best hair serums are planned with active ingredients that assistance in repairing any harm that has been caused due to heat or chemical treatments on the hairs.

  • Serums for hairs complete an awesome job in making your hairs to frizz free. If hair tangling is a main issue for you, a hair serum can give you fast alleviation.

  • Hair serums add softness to the hairs and as the coat reflects light henceforth the hairs look gleaming.

  • Hair serums are awesome for styling and for making your hairs manageable.

  • There are hair serums that can be exceptionally useful to diminish hair fall because of hair breakage.

  • Some hair serums are exceedingly compelling in protecting the hairs from various heat treatments.

  • There are also hair serums from the top brands that claim to give a bundle of different advantages.



How to use a hair serum

Regarding to hair serums, it is essential that you utilize it in the correct way. Indeed, even the Best hair serums won’t give you the best outcomes unless you use them appropriately. Use hair serums is as simple as anything and it won’t add in a few minutes in your regular hair care schedule. Notwithstanding, if you do it wrong, it is unquestionably not going to work. Here is the step which you should use a hair serum:



Steps to use hair serum

  • Hair serum should be applied only on well cleansed hairs. In this way, before you apply the serum, wash your hairs altogether with a good shampoo to guarantee that there is no oil, dirt or residues left in the hairs.

  • After washing your hairs, you may or may not avoid the conditioner based on your hair condition. In the situation that your hairs are excessively frizzy or the weather is excessively dry, you may need to go for both to keep your hairs manageable. For oily hairs, avoiding the conditioner may be a smart thought if you will use a serum.

  • Once the washing part is finished, towel-dry your hairs by soaking the excess water. Part the still moist hairs into two sections to guarantee proper application.

  • Before applying onto every one of the hair sections, take 2 to 5 drops of the hair serum in your palm and rub it inside your palms. The amount of serum used as a part of application should depend on the length and volume of your hairs. Using more hair serum than required is never a smart thought as it will just weigh down your hairs.

  • Continuously apply the serum in a downward direction, concentrating more on the hair tips. Never apply hair serum onto the scalp or on the upper section of the hairs that cover the head, unless specified otherwise in the product, as it will burden the hairs.

  • After you have covered your moist hairs with the serum, use a wide toothed comb to spread the serum equitably within the hairs.

  • Once the application is finished, it is best to give your hairs a chance to get dried naturally. Notwithstanding, you can use a blow drier too.



So, now you know the mystery of those shiny, soft and manageable tresses of the famous people. If you are tired to make your hairs behave better, it is the time you should experiment with the Best hair serums. A good hair serum can instantly give your hairs the look and the feel that you have always dreamt off.

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