【All-You-Can-Eat】event is back again! Missed it last time? Here’s your second chance to enjoy this sweet treat with unlimited refills!

A rich Durian supply, combined with a sustained hot season, has implied that the king of fruits’ ever-present pungent smell has never been too far from us.

In the case of eating the sweet, sweet durian flesh is getting too boring for us, therefore, take note: McDonald’s outlets crosswise over Malaysia will hold an all-you-can-eat D24 Durian McFlurry bonanza!

Unlike their past event, this buffet will be hung on two days, 10 and 11 August 2018, having two slots on each day.

Between the mind freeze, and the heatiness overload that will positively go with the greater part of this Durian gluttony, we can’t say we’re 100% ready for the safety of this undertaking, yet we’ve never been the kind to remain amongst anybody, and an all-you-can-eat anything.


For just RM10, you’ll get to eat all the D24 Durian McFlurry for one whole hour!

This rare event is accessible across the country in all McDonald’s around Malaysia.

The rules? Ok~ it’s not exactly a wily as McDonald’s marketing might want you to think. You have a one-hour window to eat as much as you can, for just RM10! Also, you have to register in advance, for this first-come, first-serve, deal~ and it’s limited to 20 people for each slot.

Registration starts 30 minutes before each slot begins, yet we wager that you can try to lining up early to guarantee a place on that buffet ice cream train.

There’s more than enough ice cream to feed the whole event, so bring all your friends and family along!


Take note for the time slots, don’t leave your life with regrets!

[10th August 2018]

1st slot: 7pm-8pm (start registration on 6.30pm)

2nd slot: 9pm-10pm (start registration on 8.30pm)


[11th August 2018]

1st slot: 3pm-4pm (start registration on 2.30pm)

2nd slot: 5pm-6pm (start registration on 4.30pm)

Credit to: https://coconuts.co/kl/news/can-eat-d24-durian-mcflurry-event-mcdonalds-17-july/   Continue Reading:【Skyscrapers】Top 10 Tallest Building in the World
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