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The Malaysian’ ‘Hidden Fire Blaze’

Syaidatul Afifah Badrul Hamidi, turning 29 this year, is one of our country’s most decorated professional bowlers.

Her skill and passion for the sport did not go unnoticed, and in 2009 she was selected for the national team.


Determination and strength of will must be complemented by physical training, and monetary support is necessary to get high-quality training to further polish her technique.


Many of us face challenges in the path of our careers, and Ms Syaidatul is no exception. One particularly memorable challenge was suffering from reduced performance after her coach made adjustments to her technique, which she realized after two years to be beneficial.

Other challenges she faced as female athlete was having to compete with male athletes in mixed-gender tournaments. She had to work harder in order to overcome the physical differences.


When asked if she had ever thought of giving up:

We all have our ups and downs, and negativity comes naturally during periods of struggle. Some of us fail to handle it and let this negativity consume us. Obviously our star was having none of that.

Indeed, passion serves as a great motivator. The challenges and hardships were insufficient to douse the flame of passion burning in her heart. While covered by the clouds of negativity, the stars of your dreams still shine, even if you can’t see them.



Want to know her beauty regime?
She sent us a picture of some of skincare products she is using :

P/S: We asked our beloved bowler to share any favourite quote so we saved it just for you :

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6 Crazy-Awesome Uses for Clear Mascara

6 Crazy-Awesome Uses for Clear Mascara

6 Crazy-Awesome Uses for Clear Mascara. Here comes a confession: I’ve never understood the purpose of clear mascara. I’m happy with my natural set of brown-black lashes. They’re fairly long and somewhat full, so I either swipe on a couple coats of volumizing mascara to deposit pigment and fill in any gaps or I go completely bare-lashed. Continue reading 6 Crazy-Awesome Uses for Clear Mascara

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哪些食物会导致油性肌肤?哪些食物又能改善油肌问题呢? 14

总是为满脸油光的问题所扰吗?也许造成油肌的真凶并不是你使用于脸上的护肤、化妆品。当你在脸上涂抹大量控油产品,却还是需要用吸油面纸擦去脸上浮油时,你会发现当初那个水润、容光焕发、不油腻的肌肤已经回不去了!但千万别急着放弃,也许造成油肌的罪魁祸首并不是你使用的产品,而是你的日常饮食! Continue reading 哪些食物会导致油性肌肤?哪些食物又能改善油肌问题呢?

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2018年度必买TOP10保养好物,敏感肌快看过来 11

2018年度必买TOP10保养好物,敏感肌快看过来。到了2018年底,相信保养控一整年用完的产品可以堆成山了吧!来看看网友分享的年度必买TOP10好物,这次是敏感肌也能使用的保养品,有不少也是编辑的心头大爱! Continue reading 2018年度必买TOP10保养好物,敏感肌快看过来

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身为韩国美髮品牌《吕Ryo》的代言人,朴信惠几次接受台湾媒体的採访都不免被问到自己的养髮秘诀,女神每次回答都很一致,「我会先用温水打湿头髮,接着涂上洗髮精用指腹按摩,按到出现丰盈泡沫再用温水洗掉。」接着,她会抹上吕的《滋养韧髮护髮霜(清爽型)》,「虽然这是头皮可用的剂型,但我仍习惯从髮丝中段开始抹,接着把头髮放着先洗身体,洗完身体再把护髮双用温水冲掉。」这麽做的效果她形容就像去玩美髮沙龙一般,最后,她不忘拿凉水再冲一次头皮,才完成洗髮程序。 Continue reading 《吕Ryo》代言人朴信惠说出头皮权威也大讚的正确洗髮方式

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女神保养术已UPDATE: 雪芙水2.0版本配方公开!


还记得去年引起美妆界跟风的「雪芙水」吗?自从郭雪芙在IG上分享自己每天必喝两瓶黄瓜柠檬水,帮助身体排毒、消水肿后,很多人也买了透明玻璃罐、天天泡上一壶,以求喝出女神般颜值,但是今年「雪芙水」竟然有了2.0版本?!连带着日常保养步骤都一起UPDATE了,以下两大重点快笔记下来! Continue reading 女神保养术已UPDATE: 雪芙水2.0版本配方公开!

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作为目前最火的短视频APP,抖音已经吸纳了众多年轻人聚集在此表演才艺。在2018年,抖音出现了好多翻唱的中文歌曲,很多网友听了之后却找不到,非常苦恼。下面小编就为您整理了目前抖音最火的中文歌曲,快来看看是不是你要找的。 Continue reading 2018抖音最火的中文歌曲排行榜

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很多忠实粉丝都不知道!原来Estee Lauder特润超导修护露「小棕瓶」有这么多高CP用法


谈到雅诗兰黛ANR特润超导修护露,也就是大家腻称的「小棕瓶」丰功伟业讲不完,不仅在全球荣获127个美妆大赏肯定,平均每7.5秒便卖出1瓶,另外,在台湾更是年年坐稳专柜修护精华品项中NO.1 宝座,光是2018年小棕瓶的销售量就高达44栋台北 101。但除了修护肌肤,其实小棕瓶还有很多高CP值的用法在美容圈、网路流传,以下帮大家整理归纳,下次不妨试试,搞不好会找到另类的小棕瓶美肌法。 Continue reading 很多忠实粉丝都不知道!原来Estee Lauder特润超导修护露「小棕瓶」有这么多高CP用法

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7 BB Creams That Will Make You Ditch Foundation Forever

There was a time, not too long ago, when BB creams completely swept the beauty landscape. The foundation-meets-moisturizer hybrids — which originated in Germany, or was it South Korea? — felt like the kind of innovation we had been waiting for all of our lives. And then, as quickly as they populated our top shelves, they were gone. Maybe it was the onslaught of CC and DD creams that made us, well, OD on the idea. Or maybe it was more dramatic, makeup-heavy looks, like contouring or dewy-dumpling skin, that got us all caught up.

Continue reading 7 BB Creams That Will Make You Ditch Foundation Forever