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LASYALet’s Slim Socks / Leggings 瘦腿压力袜



Product Description

【LASYA】Let’s Slim Socks / Leggings 瘦腿压力袜

This slim shaper beauty leg sock are designed specifically for ladies, to tone the feet and to promote circulation.


    • Made your leg looks more slim.

    • Defines and shapes the legs: The Leg-Shapers help tighten the skin while shaping and defining the contour of the legs.

    • Promotes leg circulation: The Leg-shapers systematically apply graduated pressure to the lower legs increasing blood flow back towards the heart. The socks apply the most pressure to the feet and ankle  , gradually reduce the pressure to the thigh  . These compression values are supplied by the manufacturer.

    • Helps reduce swelling: The socks massage the legs and feet, helping to reduce edema (swelling).

    • Reduces leg fatigue: This brand-name socks use engineered pressure zones for optimal support, reducing fatigue while standing, sitting, traveling and even sleeping.

  • Relief for Varicose and Spider Veins: The Leg-shapers may aid in the prevention and relief of varicose and spider veins.


    • Special combination of materials so suitable for 4-seasons wear

  • If customers are not used to compression socks, they may feel a bit tight the first few days.


风靡韩国,现下最流行的let ‘s slim瘦腿连裤袜,






【LASYA】Let's Slim Socks / Leggings 瘦腿压力袜 【LASYA】Let's Slim Socks / Leggings 瘦腿压力袜 【LASYA】Let's Slim Socks / Leggings 瘦腿压力袜 【LASYA】Let's Slim Socks / Leggings 瘦腿压力袜 【LASYA】Let's Slim Socks / Leggings 瘦腿压力袜 【LASYA】Let's Slim Socks / Leggings 瘦腿压力袜


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