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”GAIA” stands for Latin for ”the goddess of the earth” and ”NP” stands for ”Natural Products”. We are planning, manufacturing and selling goods based on natural materials, including aromatherapy related products.

Production (production essential, authentic, seeking the highest quality)

Creation of value-added products, products of excellent quality, products leading the market, products acceptable to consumers.


”Create deep relation” as a behavioral standard, we will build close relationships with domestic business partners and overseas business partners closely. A key point of international transactions is partnership with ”business partners with face”. To obtain reliable information and raw materials of good quality, long years and deep relations are necessary.


I believe that having ”thinking based on academic thinking” as a process of creation and trading, and having a mission to discuss and discuss it. Accumulation of empirical data on manufacturing. We will collect information such as aroma and herb clinical data, supplement of objective and academic data from the historical, empirical and international aspects and work on our own development.

Compliance (promising expression of facts)

We will present and communicate objectivity (facts, data, etc.) so that customers can make appropriate decisions in every situation. We regard that action as legal compliance (compliance) and make it an important norm of the corporate philosophy.

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