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The simple troubles of not saying anything to others, but I want to ”easy” to improve and become beautiful! Anyone will have at least one or two troubles. The products we sell are the creations that developers have come up with for their own ”worries”! Then, these experiences and ideas are planned for the product.

In the research and development phase, in order to test the sense of product use, a questionnaire survey was conducted within the company.

I want it too!” There are a lot of feedbacks, and developers feel their own product ideas and troubles. ”It’s not just me alone! There are other people who share the same troubles as me.” ”I hope more people can use it!” The mood is even more exciting. This has become a source of motivation for us to create better products.

Because of this, we can create many ”selling products”. Because of such a product, I can recommend it to you with confidence! ”I want to be more beautiful,” ”I want to look younger,” and ”I want to be a woman in the ideal.” As long as it is a woman, anyone will have the ideal of ”I want to be more perfect.” ”If you can help more women to achieve the ideals in their own minds…” Based on this idea, Chezmoi was born.

What we have always attached to is making products that are exciting and anticipating, ”If there is such a product,”~From imagination to creation… From expectation to commercialization~ Since the establishment of the company, we have always adhered to this corporate philosophy, both in the planning and development of beauty-related products. In the future, we will continue to work hard and break through innovations with the concept of ”If you have such a product,” which supports your beauty and health.

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