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Covermark is an expert brand in advanced dermocosmetics. We export to over 80 countries a product portfolio with a glorious history and a continous expansion throughout the years.

Flawless Skin

Borned with a disfiguring red facial birthmark on her face, New Yorker Lydia O’Leary faced rejection from employment despite graduating from college with excellent grades.

One day, she was painting irises in a garden. When she was almost finished, a drop of black paint tarnished her painting. Instantly, she coated it with a different colour to correct her mistake. And that, was the first step that led to her discovery of COVERMARK.

Research and Development

Stimulated by this playful experiment, she went on to research for the perfect concealing formula in hope of helping others to cover birthmarks, port wine stains, burns, scars, and other imperfections on their skin.

By 1928, Lydia O’Leary successfully invented an impeccable concealing formula and officially introduced COVERMARK to the world.

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