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Japan’s Medical Skin Care Brand for Everyday Use. Dr. Shirono’s dream is for people to be happy with their skin, not just for now, but to be able to stay youthful and beautiful for as long as they want.

Hydration Driving Beauty

Moisture is the key to an excellent skin care regimen, and Dr. Shirono has made hydration and moisture his legacy by constantly innovating and improving formulas for the skin to obtain and retain moisture.

No Unnecessities

Unique formulas that does not contain any unnecessary components, Dr.Ci:Labo’s products contain only carefully selected ingredients that will enhance the beauty of any skin.

Striving For Perfection

Today, Dr.Ci:Labo is the No.1 medical cosmetic brand in Japan. We continue to strive, surpassing conventions with cutting-edge science, improving the skin care industry with medical expertise, commitment to R&D, and quality. Realising the dream of helping women achieve eternally beautiful skin.

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