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[FLORIHANA] Acqua Distillata Alle Rose – Rose Water 300ml

FLORIHANA Acqua Distillata Alle Rose - Rose Water (300ml)


Roberts’ distilled rosewater is composed by three roses from the essence of superior quality. This rosewater keeps the skin, even the most delicate, young and supple. It acts as a mild tonic on the epidermis, making skin clear and glowing.

Roberts’ Distilled rosewater is perfect after cleansing the face and neck to tone the skin to restore all its natural freshness. Thanks to its gentle formula, it helps preventing redness and irritation caused by external agents. Applied on the eyelids, erase every trace of fatigue. To preserve its delicate fragrance, close the tightly container after use.

How to use:

ideal to use after cleansing face and neck to tone skin



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