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From Fu Lifang, for the mind, for the skin, to find more sensitive power. Fu Lifang, always care for sensitive and vulnerable skin. After years of research on sensitive skin, it aims to provide modern young women with ”free feelings ” and ”satisfactory effects ”.

Deeply aware of the initial vitality of all things, insight into the characteristics of skin, and strive to eliminate the ingredients that may stimulate the unstable skin. Through strict auditing standards, repeatedly select high-quality low-stimulating raw materials, carefully select 6 kinds of Chinese and Han plants, and help to alleviate them with their essence. The skin is troubled and brings vitality.

Production Lines

The whole line of products imported from Japan, paying attention to every small detail that can not be ignored to meet the needs of different types of skin, helping the skin to return to a thorough and more energetic.

For the sensitive heart and fragile skin, let’s move forward with the peace of mind of Fulifangsi!


Strictly select raw materials that are not easy to add burden to the skin, and adopt a comfortable formula. Contains 6 kinds of Chinese herbal extracts, helps to regulate the cuticle, and is committed to maintaining a balanced state of health that helps the skin to moisturize and relieve skin troubles.

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