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Fresh is pure beauty. The fusion of effective natural ingredients, time-honored rituals, and modern science offers a sensorial experience with undeniable results that is completely unique to Fresh.

Meet the founders

In 1991, Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg opened an apothecary store in Boston, curating upscale, natural beauty products from around the world. The now iconic Oval Soap sparked Lev and Alina’s passion for transforming everyday routines into sensorial rituals that are as indulgent as they are effective. Lev and Alina continue to instill their unyielding devotion to authenticity and craftsmanship into Fresh today.

Natural-Born Pioneers

Natural ingredients are the core of Fresh products. We are credited with a number of industry firsts and have pioneered the use of many natural ingredients in beauty, including soy, sake, and most notably sugar. Fresh continues to push the envelope, introducing new and effective natural ingredients to the beauty world.

Cultural Beauty Rituals

Inspired by the purity of the past, we travel the world seeking natural ingredients used in time-honored beauty rituals. Sake Bath, made with 50% sake, is based on the centuries-old bathing rituals of Japanese Geisha. Fresh’s proprietary Umbrian Clay has been revered since the 6th century BC when it was thought to have mystical powers.

Fresh Alchemy

We practice modern alchemy at the Fresh Research Lab, where we transform the ordinary in to the extraordinary. Curiosity keeps us at the forefront of innovation. From the discovery of a new ingredient to the creation of a sublime texture to the design of a new delivery system, Fresh continues to pioneer industry that ignite the senses.

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