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[HERBACIN] Kamille Skin Firming Body Lotion 150ml

HERBACIN Kamille Skin Firming Body Lotion (150ml)


The oil of the argan nut is more valuable and effective than almost any other plant oil, it is rich in tocopherols, phytosterols and unsaturated fatty acids, protecting the natural structure of the skin.

Camomile and aloe vera inhibit inflammation, relieve irritation and promote wound healing. The vitamins A and E promote the regeneration of stressed and mature skin, smooth the contours of the skin, and help increase the thickness and elasticty of the epidermis.

Harbacin Kamille’s improved skin care formulation, with an optimal composition of argan oil, aloe vera, camomile and skin active vitamins gives the skin a balanced and noticeably better feel.

How to use:

Apply the Body Lotion to the whole body at least once daily.  It spreads well, is rapidly absorbed, and is suitable for all skin types.



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