IPSA is derived from Latin with the meaning of “self” and “self-determination”. Focus on the vitality that makes the skin itself beautiful, and care for the beautiful skin from the smallest place.

Beautiful awakening

IPSA aims to enhance the natural beauty that skin is born with.

Understand the personality of the skin

The skin condition changes depending on various factors such as skin texture, growth environment, lifestyle and seasonal changes.

Skin Data Transmission

IPSALYZER professional skin analysis allows you to know a lot of skin data such as “moisture retention”, “sebum secretion” and “skin transparency”.

Personally Exclusive Plan

Through the latest skin data and professional consultation, you can customize the personal formula that suits you to achieve the perfect skin that you dream of.

This is the exclusive beauty of your unique personality.

Awaken the inner temperament and start from the skin to present your unique personal charm.

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