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Lacues Natural Botanical Skin Care for Beautiful, Youthful, Healthy Skin, Naturally. Australian certified organic ingredients, Australian native botanical ingredients, 100% toxin free and 100% ethical. Lacues Natural Botanical Skin Care products are designed to supplement your daily skin care regime. Let the mix of natural ingredients and advanced technology rejuvenate your skin. 100% Australian botanical Skin Care made from skin-loving, natural ingredients.

Lacues’ Enlightened Ethos

Lacues’ ‘mantra’ is inspired by the native, botanical, ancient dream-time landscapes of indigenous Australia, the sun, surf and sand of the iconic beaches ‘Down Under’ and the effortless, natural beauty of the modern, Australian beach goddess. Imagery of fresh, glowing, healthy skin, fit, toned bodies and antioxidant-rich, organic “earth-to-table” harvest nourishment represents the clean, pure, active, healthy, mindful lifestyle synonymous with the Australian coastline and Lacues’ conscious awareness.

Beauty by Nature – Lacues Natural Botanical Skin Care Philosophy. Lacues Philosophy is best summed up in three words: “Purity, Effectiveness, Antioxidants”

Purity: All Lacues products are made from pure, natural, “skin loving”, botanical ingredients. Our synthetic – free * formulations are 100% ethical and Australian-made (using Australian native botanical ingredients and Certified Organic constituents).*Contains NO sulfates, NO parabens, NO synthetic fragrances, NO synthetic colors, NO T.E.A, NO silicones, NO D.E.A, NO PEGs and NO palm oils.

Effectiveness: Lacues’ Natural Skincare Products integrate highly concentrated natural ingredients with powerful yet gentle botanical formulations to effectively target your specific skincare concerns whilst giving your skin a soothing, refreshing sensory treat. Our unique, luxurious range offers maximum nourishing benefits for effective yet natural skin conditioning.

Antioxidants: Lacues’ ‘secret weapon’ is the Australian native Kakadu Plum Extract which contains the world’s richest source of Vitamin C. Super antioxidant Kakadu Plum Extract protects and strengthens the skin’s barrier response to toxic free-radicals and harmful UV damage by deflecting the aging effects of chemicals and pollutants.

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