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At L’OCCITANE, we show off the very best Provence has to offer, for a glowing beauty that’s unique. Every day, we commit to preserving the breathtaking natural environment that never ceases to amaze.

L’OCCITANE, a journey that starts in Provence

It all began in the markets of Provence. With nothing but an alembic, a small truck and a solid knowledge of plants, a 23-year-old named Olivier Baussan began distilling rosemary essential oil to sell locally. He expanded his production from oils to soaps to creams, taking inspiration from the land he grew up on to bring natural beauty to homes across the world.

Provence is our inspiration

Provence is a rich land, with its breathtaking, diverse landscapes, its untouched natural beauty, and its ancestral skills and traditions. Through various local initiatives, L’OCCITANE supports and highlights the men and women who breathe life into this region, with the desire to preserve and pass on their expertise and knowledge of nature. In return, this land offers us ingredients of the finest quality, which we use in our products made in Provence, to delight and stir your senses.


At L’OCCITANE, we strive to use high-quality, traceable, natural ingredients. We use over 200 botanical ingredients, a quarter of them organic certified, which are carefully selected for their effectiveness and their ability to give your skin the elements it needs to be beautiful. These ingredients are used at an ideal concentration in our formulas. We therefore systematically give priority to natural ingredients whenever possible. For example, we use vegetable oils in place of oils derived from petrochemicals, as they have a better affinity with the skin. Discover the key natural ingredients that make L’Occitane products so unique. Provençal Almond, Burkina Faso Shea butter… all ethically sourced !

Earth friendly – Sustainability

L’OCCITANE develops products that are increasingly respectful of both mankind and the world we live in. We produce eco-refills and much of our packaging is made with recycled materials or uses resources that are renewable or from sustainably managed forests. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint by limiting the use of air transport, promoting the use of renewable energies and, wherever possible, transporting our goods by sea, rail or road. We promote biodiversity through sustainable growing practices and increasingly natural formulas: 92% of the products launched in 2016 contain at least 90% natural ingredients, while 57% contain over 95%.

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