W DRESSROOM Moisturizing Perfumed Hand Cream Season 2 60g

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  • Moisturizing dry hands.
  • Supply nutrition to rough hands.
  • Leaving hands with nice scent.
No.12 Very Berry
  • Imagine a blackberry at its peak maturity very sweet and tangy with incredible freshness.
No.34 Always Happy
  • Sweetest scent will make your day happy imagine a lovely butterfly is happily dancing in the flower garden.
No.41 Jas-Mint
  • The mint overpowers the jasmine in a cooling freshness feel the zesty mint blending with white pure jasmine.
No.49 Peach Blossom
  • Elegance and sweetness of savory peach it contains the real sweet and fresh peach.
No.97 April Cotton
  • Fragrance that you want to rub on your cheek feel the warm and silky soft with comfort.

How to use

Take an adequate amount of the product and evenly spread on your hands after washing them or whenever they feel dry.


Imported product

14 working days (Monday to Friday only)


No.12 Very Berry, No.34 Always Happy, No.41 Jas-Mint, No.49 Peach Blossom, No.97 April Cotton

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