• VIAILA Cold Light Teeth Whitening 7 Item Kit
  • VIAILA Cold Light Teeth Whitening 7 Item Kit
  • VIAILA Cold Light Teeth Whitening 7 Item Kit

VIAILA Cold Light Teeth Whitening 7 Item Kit



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Set include:

  1. Time-Controller Power Device
  2. Cold Light Dental Tray
  3. Teeth Whitening Gel 10ml
  4. Toothbrush x 10
  5. Cables x 2
  6. Brochure
  7. Color Card

This set consists of:

  1. Time-Controller Power Device
    This product is qualified by the national quality inspection department and obtained the EU CE certification, is exported to Europe, United States, Southeast Asian countries for a long-term, and is welcomed by all users. Whitening effect is maximum, safe and reliable.
    Guaranteed to get whiter and beautiful teeth.
  2. Cold Light Dental Tray
    The Viaila Teeth Whitening mouthpiece is comfortable and flexi-fit and unlike other mouthpieces is shaped to the natural curve of your mouth to allow maximum blue light stain removal.
    There is no moulding required.
    Replaceable LED Tray maximizes the efficacy of the whitening gel.
    No discomfort at all in keeping it in your mouth for about 30 minutes.
  3. Teeth Whitening Gel
    VIAILA Cold Light Teeth Whitening Kit makes the high intensity blue ray where the wavelength is in between 480-520 nanometre to pass through 12000 optical fibres which is 1 mile in length, and then pass through two pieces of optical lens that undergo high coating process for 30 times. It quarantines all the harmful ultraviolet and infrared and irradiates to the tooth with VIAILA whitening gel, making the tooth whitening gel diffuse through tooth tubules and oxidising the dark colour of deep layer of the tooth, and achieve the whitening effects on the teeth. The main components of VIAILA whitening gel which is hydrogen peroxide is safe for tooth whitening since 10 years ago.

If inadvertentlythe whitening gel is glued to the skin or clothes, it should promptly be rinsed with water.Cover the bottle head of whitening gel in time, so as not to affect and disrupt the next usage.Wipe the dry parts of the device to prepare for the next usage and keep it out of reach of children.When the time controller power device has low power, you should charge it in time by plugging the USB cable into the charger socket and the other end of the cable into the power supply hole of the time controller power device. Then plug the charger into a 220V power supply. At this point, the charging started. All four lights are lit up when the power is full. The charger should be promptly unplugged to avoid overcharging. Choose power supply with 5V output voltage and 1000MA output current for charging, in order to obtain a better charging effect.

How to use

  1. Plug one end of the USB cable into the cold light dental tray and the other end into the time controller power device.
  2. Then tap the switch to turn on the power, the time controller power device will display the countdown of 30 minutes.
  3. The cold light dental tray will emit bright blue light.
  4. Apply the whitening gel thinly and evenly onto the luminescent surface of the cold light dental tray with a thickness of about 1mm.
  5. To adjust the light time, press and hold it to set the preferred whitening time.
  6. 30 minutes is recommended.
  7. Dry the teeth surface with a clean paper towel, put the cold light dental tray into the mouth, and gently bite it, bringing the teeth whitening gel close to the tooth surface.
  8. After the preset whitening time elapses, the time controller will automatically shut down.
  9. Then gargle after removing the cold light dental tray from the mouth.
  10. You can repeat the treatment in order to improve the whitening effect but only if there’s no allergic reaction.
  11. Gargle thoroughly, dry the teeth surface by removing all moisture with paper towel, whitening gel should be spread thinly and evenly.
  12. The cold light dental tray needs to be close to the teeth surface. Lie supine while whitening, avoiding saliva to dilute the whitening gel therefore reducing the whitening effect.
  13. For quick effect, use morning and evening, 30 minutes each session for seven days. A slight allergy is a normal phenomenon while whitening, it will naturally disappear after the treatment. If the allergy is more serious or unpleasant, you should reduce the number of usage to once per day or once every other day. If the allergy persists, stop using the device and immediately consult your doctor.

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