• PERIOE White Now 93% 100g
  • PERIOE White Now 93% 100g
  • PERIOE White Now 93% 100g

PERIOE White Now 93% 100g



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  • Toothpaste LG Perioe “White Now Mint”. Whitening effect is achieved by 93%.
  • Freshens the mouth, prevents tooth decay, removes plaque, strong teeth.
  • Whitening Toothpaste LG Perioe 100g x 3pcs.
  • Evaluation of the Institute of Dentistry – “excellent.”
  • Toothpaste LG “Perioe White Now Mint” 3.4 times better promotes tooth whitening as compared with other pastes.
  • Tea, coffee, cigarettes and other products stain teeth. To avoid this, use toothpaste LG “Perioe White Now Cooling Mint”.
  • Maintains cleanliness of the oral cavity.
  • Eliminates bad breath.
  • Improves the aesthetic effect.
  • Prevents gingivitis, periodontitis, vospalenie gums, periodontal disease, tartar.

How to use

  1. Apply the necessary amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush.
  2. Brush your teeth.

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Original 3pcs, Cooling Mint 3pcs, Refreshing Herb 3pcs


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