REFA Carat 190g

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  • A platinum 360° multi-angular roller fits over every detail of your face and body. With ReFa CARAT you can achieve more youthful, firm looking, beautiful skin. Equipped with Double Drainage rollers that replicate professional deep kneading manipulations.
  • Drainage is a term that describes a technique performed by professional estheticians, and is not meant to express any effect the product has on your body.
  • Feel the kneading sensation of ReFa CARAT. With its unique squeezing motion ReFa CARAT is designed to replicate the deep “grip and glide” kneading sensation that an esthetician might include as part of a professional treatment.
  • These actions work to beautifully tone and tighten your delicate skin. The ReFa CARAT works well on various parts of your body such as: Jaw line, Face, Underarm, Waist, Inner thigh, Neck, Chest.
  • It is waterproof so you can take it just about anywhere!

How to use

  1. Firmly grip the thickest part of the handle without covering the solar panel with your hand.
  2. Roll in both directions along the lines of your face and body, pulling up the areas where the skin is soft.


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