159 Vegetarian Dietary Supplement 10pcs

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  • 159's dietary therapy combination and formulas are meant to recover human's self-healing power and functions; instead of the external stimulus from western medicines.
  • 35g per pack.
  • Dietary therapy Moisturizes body in silence but effectively, it treats the fundamentals of human body and circulations.
  • The modern human organs bares a lot of burden, and needs its nature recovery at night; but only got worse by heavy midnight snacks.
  • Every 7 days being a full treatment, and one have to personally experience the treatment to understand the difference
  • Everyone's body react differently to the treatment; 159 treats the body as a whole instead of partially, when the body circulation start to self-heal, all the partial damage will naturally recover.
  • Usually the 7 days 159 treatment will recuperate Constipation, obesity, insomnia, poor concentration, fatigue, loss of appetite, poor memory, skin gloss The 159 dietary therapy is a special detoxification method, we call it the meal replacement treatment.
  • The treatment will give Systemic bone, muscle, skin, internal organs, blood, body fluid and secretion of various pipelines, secretions a big filtration and cleansing, maintaining purity of the body, promote harmony of human conditioning system, eliminate source of sickness.
  • The dietary therapy have less food intakes, lightened the burden for liver, which in return cleans the toxins in blood While synthesis good immune vitality.
  • 7 days with 159 for all meals. (Most recommended)
  • 5-7 AM take one pack of 159, with 200ml of water before and after the therapy treatment. (Most recommended)
  • 11AM-1PM take one pack of 159, with 200ml of water before and after the therapy treatment. (Most recommended)
  • 5-7 PM take one pack of 159, with 200ml of water before and after the therapy treatment.(Most recommended)

How to use

  1. Pour one pack into a bowl.
  2. Pour in the right amount of boiling water for brewing.
  3. Stir for 3 minutes until it become mushy.


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