DAYEONSU Probiotic Fruit Pieces 60pcs

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  • Fat Discharge and control calories intake The American Phase 2 white kidney bean extract prevents absorption of starch, while Japan water-soluble dietary fiber Fibersol-2 prevents absorption of oil.
  • Fast Weight Loss by Fat-Burning Seventy five kinds of fermented fruits is combined to replenish metabolic enzymes, promote fat metabolism, thus ensure fast weight loss.
  • Fat Blockage without Weight Back Totally 500 - 5,000 billion probiotics worked together to adjust intestinal microflora and for more balanced microflora without weight rebound.
  • More Elastically Beautiful Skin Imported collagen protein to prevent from loose skin due to weight loss and ensure beautiful and more stylish looking.

How to use

  1. Chewing or swallowing, twice a day, 2-3 pieces with warm water, 30-60 minutes before lunch and dinner.


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