• SSFIGURE Shaping Star Slimming Capsule 60pcs

SSFIGURE Shaping Star Slimming Capsule 60pcs

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  • Control appetite – Relieve tension; Reduce appetite for snacks and effective appetite control
  • Promote calorie metabolism – Fat burning: speed up metabolism, increase fat burning rate, can consume up to 3000 per day Calorie, the speed of consumption of the body excess calories, burning fat
  • To improve the body toxins decomposition of intestinal toxins; decomposition of intestinal and human body of harmful substances and toxins, to promote weight loss, improve skin quality
  • Inhibit fat formation – sugar and starch Quality barrier; to prevent the absorption of starch in the food with sugar, inhibit fat formation, to prevent fat abdominal, arms, thighs and buttocks accumulation, to achieve local body sculpting effect.
  • Weight management – Effective reduction of body fat rate to prevent the body to absorb the oil in the food to achieve a comprehensive weight management

How to use

30-60 minutes before breakfast take 2 capsules daily

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14 working days (Monday to Friday only)


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