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Bath & Body consists of daily hygiene products in these categories, such as bath & shower, body care, hand care, foot care, personal care, oral care and female body care.
  • Bath & Shower

    In Pandorabox, bath & shower is assorted into three kinds which are shower gel & cream, body soap and shower oil.

  • Body Care

    Body care products is very important to make the body skin smooth and moisturized, such as body cream/butter, lotion, oil, scrub, serum, spray, deodorant and hair removal.

  • Hand Care

    Hand care is a very important process because it eliminates bacteria, dry skin and calluses. It gives a feeling of comfort or smooth effect on the hands.

  • Foot Care

    Foot care product is important for preventing foot problem and maintaining proper foot health. It helps to get rid of foot odor, decrease heel pain, treat bunions, and enhance the health of skin, toe and nail. For example, foot cream/balm, foot deodorant, foot mask, foot exfoliator/scrub and other.

  • Personal Care

    Personal care products is used for personal hygiene like feminine care products.

  • Oral Care

    Oral care decreases the oral infection and promotes oral health. A good practices of using these oral care products daily can avoid poor oral hygiene or unpleasant diseases.

  • Female Body Care

    Female body care products helps female to maintain her body hygiene.

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Showing 1–12 of 399 results