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Deodorant is a substance which is applied to the body to eliminate or conceal body odor or unpleasant smells. This smell is caused by the breakdown of sweat at feet, hand palm, armpit and other parts of the body.

Deodorant comes in four main types which are aerosol, stick, roll-on and clinical soft solid. Aerosol is a spray form that for immediate dry. Stick is a solid block that contains the wide application surface and great for heavy sweating. Roll-on can be applied simply and supplies common wetness protection. Clinical soft solid enable for precise application which can deliver advanced sweat protection and moisturize your skin. These deodorant products can slow down the reproduction of bacteria and hence neutralize the bad smells of your body. Shop online at Pandorabox to uncover the best Deodorant products for daily hygiene cleansing uses.

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