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Foot care product is important for preventing foot problem and maintaining proper foot health. It helps to get rid of foot odor, decrease heel pain, treat bunions, and enhance the health of skin, toe and nail. For example, foot cream/balm, foot deodorant, foot mask, foot exfoliator/scrub and other.
  • Foot Cream/Balm

    Foot cream or balm is an ideal solution for dry foot and cracked heel. It smoothens, nourishes and repairs dehydrated or damaged foot’s skin.

  • Foot Deodorant

    Foot deodorant is a tropical product that helps to against foot odors and was developed specifically for use on the feet. It consists of ingredients that help to reduce the quantity of bacteria present on the feet, promoting freshness throughout the day. In addition,

  • Foot Mask

    Foot mask comes in the form of sock and easy to use. It provides hydration and nourishment for your foot.

  • Foot Exfoliator/Scrub

    Foot exfoliator or scrub is used to treat dry, rough, scaly feet. a It contains a wide kinds of natural acids to slough off the dry, dead skin This make your feel look as soft and smooth texture.

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Showing 1–12 of 43 results