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Hair colouring or also known as hair dying is a process of changing the hair color for covering gray or white hair, changing to a more fashionable or desireable color, restoring the original color or sun bleaching. There are vary kinds of hair colouring products which are temporary color, semi permanent color, demi permanent color, permanent color, highlight and bleach.
  • Types Of Hair Colouring Products:

    Temporary color tends more to make a fashion statement. Since it is temporary, the color may lighten considerably since the first application.
    Semi permanent color may not last considerably more than temporary color.
    Demi permanent color can lift the base color of your hair about one shade and cover grey hair fairly well.
    Permanent color has high concentration of peroxide which is managed to lift the base color considerably.
    Highlight place the color on different segments of the hair to help generate depth, tone, and shade.
    Bleachit is necessary to lift the color with a bleach and then can apply a demi permanent color to seep into the hair cuticle in order for brunettes or darker hair colors to achieve lighter shades of hair.

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