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Makeup is about wearing cosmetics which are applied to the face to improve or change your looks for better appearance and form a unique person. Basically, makeup is needed for special occasions such as business meeting, performance show, significant ceremony, cosplay and etc. Makeup beginner, makeup artist whenever girls or boys. In Pandorabox, makeup products are assorted into six types which are face, eyes, lips, nail, tools and makeup remover.
  • Face Makeup

    Face makeup is putting a makeup base on the face. To prevent moisture taken away by the cosmetic, isolate the face with the makeup base such as face primer or tinted moisturiser. After applying concealer to cover the dark spots or blemish. then apply either foundation, BB & CC Cream, cushion on the face. Apply blush, contour, face palattes & set, Highlighter & Illuminator, bronzer as needed with makeup brushes. Use setting & finishing spray and powder as final step of face makeup.

  • Eyes Makeup

    Eyes makeup products is used to draw freestyle eyes look. For example, eye primer, eye stick, eyebrow, eyeliner, eyeshadow, false lashes and mascara.

  • Lips Makeup

    Lips makeup products put matte or shiny colours onto the lips.For example, lipstick, lip stain & tint, lip gloss, lip liner, lip balm, lip plumper, lip shield & coat, lip palettes & sets, and lip primer.

  • Nail

    It has nail art or manicure products. Nail art product is used to form a nail art design on the nails, while manicure product is a treatment for hand care.

  • Tools

    Makeup tools are used to apply cosmetic products. For example, makeup brushes, sponge, cushion puff, blender, case, eyelash curler and sharpener. Choosing a right makeup tool is very important to create a flawless, glamorous makeup.

  • Makeup Remover

    Makeup Remover is classified into two types which are face and eyes & lips. Face makeup remover is used to remove the makeup base on the face while eyes & lips makeup remover is special to remove the makeup on the eyes & lips only.

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Showing 1–12 of 2267 results