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Face makeup is putting a makeup base on the face. To prevent moisture taken away by the cosmetic, isolate the face with the makeup base such as face primer or tinted moisturiser. After applying concealer to cover the dark spots or blemish. then apply either foundation, BB & CC Cream, cushion on the face. Apply blush, contour, face palattes & set, Highlighter & Illuminator, bronzer as needed with makeup brushes. Use setting & finishing spray and powder as final step of face makeup.
  • BB & CC Cream

    BB cream stands for Beauty Balm cream which is a combined features of moisturizer, foundation and sunblock. CC cream means Color Correction cream which includes the advantages of BB cream but with the specific additional functions of treating discoloration of skin tone such as dullness, dark spot, and redness.

  • Face Palattes & Set

    It contains different colors in one set to maintain your contoured and highlighted look.

  • Contour

    It contains several shades to help you match your skin tone as needed. For example, contour in the form of palatte, powder, cream, stick and crayon.

  • Highlighter & Illuminator

    Highlighter is used to improve your bone structure and provides a pretty color boost for your skin. Illuminator can brighten up the appearance of your skin, but it can be uncomplimentary on certain skin types. Different types of illuminators may have their own ideal skin type to be suit with.

  • Foundation

    Foundations come from the form of liquid or stick. It is available for multiple shades choices for you to choose to match your desired skin tones.

  • Tinted Moisturiser

    A tinted moisturiser is a moisturizing liquid-cream natural makeup product. that contains a little amount of tint and provides light coverage, though it’s main goal is moisturizing and hydrating your skin.

  • Face Primer

    Face primer is a base for face makeup or foundation that creates an extra layer between your skin and makeup. It allows the makeup face to go on smoother, last longer, and even out the skin tone. Its formulas are available in the form of gel, cream and powder. The best way is using your fingertips to apply makeup primer which can make the product is really work into your skin.

  • Cushion

    Cushion foundation is an awesome daily makeup for person who like a fast and easy application. It contains liquid foundation housed in a sponge-like cushion inside an easy-to-carry compact and a sponge applicator.

  • Powder

    Face Powder helps to change the appearance of facial skin which normally applied using a brush. It can reduce pore visibility, prevent makeup run-off, extend foundation’s lifespan, and overcome oily and sticky-looking skin.

  • Concealer & Corrector

    Concealer & corrector are similar to give the skin a flawless base, but they are different products.

  • Blush

    Blush also known as blusher is a cosmetic of a powder or cream consistency used to give a warm color to the cheeks. Typically, it comes of powder, cream, palatte and stick with multiple color options. It can be applied onto your cheeks, bu using fingertips or brushes.

  • Bronzer

  • Bronzer is a cosmetic liquid or powder applied to the skin to give it color or shine and commonly to give the look of a suntan.

  • Setting & Finishing Spray

    Setting & Finishing Spray are used mainly at the end of makeup step to make your makeup last longer. However, they do this in very different ways. ‘Setting’ spray can keep your makeup long-lasting, while ‘Finishing’ sprays are usually used to hydrate the skin and avoid any appearance of cakeiness and keep it fresher for longer.

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Showing 1–12 of 809 results