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Shaving products are used maintain a clean an neat face look. Some products are used to remove the hair of the chin by using a razor or other tools together with an appropriate cream. Some of them is for taking care the beard.
  • Types Of Shaving Products:

    Razor is used to shave hair around finicky areas like your jawline and under your nose.
    Shave Cream is applied onto the clean wet skin before shaving, and best gor sensitive skin.
    Shave Tonic used as pre-shave and post-shave functions. For pre-shave, spritz the tonic onto a clean, warm towel and apply to your face for 30 seconds to opens up your pores for optial shaving. For post-shave, do the same, but use a towel soaked with cold water.
    Shave Gel is used as post-shave has lubricating effect to the skin and applied before shaving.
    Aftershave is used to soothe and hydrate your skin, as shaving scrapes natural oils off of your face.
    Beard Oil likes a conditioner to your beard that softens both skin and facial hair.
    Beard Wash is use to wash out the germs and bacterial matter from your beard.

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