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Hair styling products are easier to be used if you choose the right product. A list of hair styling options is provided by us from hair cream to volumiser.
  • Hair Cream

    Hair cream is also known as styling cream which can provide natural-looking shine and shapeability to the hair.

  • Hair Spray

    Hair spray is also known as hair lacquer or spritz which is sprayed onto hair to protect against wind and humidity. It makes the hairstyle stand up even against gravity, and gives irresistible shine to hair.

  • Pomade/Wax/Gel

    Pomade or wax or gel are the products used for shaping men’s hairstyle. Choose the right products either pomade or wax or gel in Pandorabox to match your desired hairstyles.

  • Texturiser

    Texturiseris a mild version of a chemical hair relaxer which looses the natural curl hair partially. It works the best on short to medium length hair.

  • Volumiser

    Volumiser is essential for men to use for volumising up their hair and make the hair look more dense. It is temporarily add volume and shine to flat, thin or fine hair.

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results