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Pomade or wax or gel are the products used for shaping men’s hairstyle. Choose the right products either pomade or wax or gel in Pandorabox to match your desired hairstyles.

Pomade has two major types which are water based and petroleum based. Water based pomade is water soluble making them easier to wash away of the hair than actual grease. However, petroleum based pomade is made with real grease and fatty ingredients to gives the hold and shine. Apply it to slightly damp hair

Wax contains thicker consistency than other styling products, and most suited for the slicked back styles. It add extra grease to your hair. It can also used to make thorny look. Apply it to completely dry hair which never wet.

Gel is translucent in color and commonly has thinner consistency. It harden on the hair with giving a wet, shiny ans stiff feeling appearance. Apply it to damp hair.

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Showing all 10 results