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It should not be underestimate the importance of lip care. Everyone thought that lip care product should be apply when their lips face dryness on a dry environment. Actually, it should be a daily habit to prevent chapped lips. To have a healthy lips, it should be kept moisturized daily.

Types of lip care products

In Pandorabox, we do provide various lip care products. We do have lip mask which function as the same way as a sheet mask for face do. It is just like a smooth primer that can match your shades. We also have Lip Balm and Treatment products which can keep your lips moisturized. It is more preferable for customers who use lips colours on their lips daily to apply lip balm before having makeup to prevent chapped lips. Besides, we have lip hair removal products to make your lips look cleaner after removing the hair surrounded on your lips. We also have lip scrub to remove the dead skins that lies on your lips.

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Showing 1–12 of 73 results