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Neck cream is intended to moisturize and soften the neck area. It may give brightening, firming and lifting, or line-minimising advantages.
  • Brightening Neck Cream

    This type of product perfectly should contain lightly exfoliating ingredients, such as alpha-hydroxy acids and enzymes, or antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E. Exfoliation helps the reduction of hyperpigmentation, while antioxidants help to repair and prevent free radical damage in the skin.

  • Firming and Lifting Neck Cream

    This is the highly concern that people have about their neck. To fight sagging, loose skin on the neck, neck cream with powerful anti-ageing, filling, and tightening ingredients is needed.

  • Neck Creams For Dryness & Fine Lines

    This type of cream act as hydrator. The appearance of white lines on the neck can be dramatically minimised with soothing and hydrating ingredients in the neck cream. The lines will become less visible while the skin is enough moisturized and plumped up,

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Showing all 5 results