• FEAZAC Color Retention Hair Mask 150g

FEAZAC Color Retention Hair Mask 150g


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  • FEAZAC light color fixing hair mask, in addition to a layer of fixed color protective net, to prevent multiple damage from the external environment, at the same time to achieve a gentle complementary color, increase the loss of color particles in the fragile keratin, delay color.
  • The loss, the longevity of the color of the hair color, the perfect shine of the hair shines.
  • To prevent damage to the external environment, strengthen the hair repair after dyeing, delay the color loss after dyeing, enhance the toughness of the hair, and pull The long life and color of each hair make the hair continue to shine.

How to use

  1. Take an adequate amount of the product into your hands and apply it all over your hair, especially at the ends.
  2. Leave the product in your hair for 5-10 minutes for the best absorption, then rinse thoroughly.

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