BANILA CO It Radiant CC Color Spot Concealer 3.5g

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  • Contrary to typical skin-toned concealers, the It Radiant CC Color Spot Concealer comes in various color correcting shades to quickly even out your skin tone.
  • It is packaged conveniently in a thin twist stick that is compact and easy to carry. If your skin concerns are isolated in a small area of your face, this would easily spot correct them in a whim.
  • Easily slide to skin and adheres to it lightly.
  • Find and match right color concealer to cover imperfections such as redness, dull skin and dark circle.
  • Easy carrying package to take around
  • Cancels redness on face
  • Covers under eye circles and imperfections.
  • Brightens skin that appears dull or yellow.
Skin Peach
  • Covers under eye circles.
Skin Pink
  • Covers under eye circles.

How to use

Apply a proper amount to cover redness, blemishes and breakouts evenly, tap gently to blend out.


Imported product

14 working days (Monday to Friday only)


Green, Lemon, Lavender, Skin Peach, Skin Pink

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