THE SAEM Cover Perfection Ideal Concealer Duo 8.7g

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  • Dual concealer of tip type and stick type for perfect coverage on dark circles, dark dots, small areas for various shortcomings region.
  • Stick concealer
    • Concealer masks visible skin imperfections, creating a dense coating has a stable formula and comfortable application.
    • It has a soft texture, different kinds of masks spots, redness, freckles, resists greasy shine.
    • Sun Block SPF27 PA ++
  • Liquid concealer
    • Liquid concealer is convenient to mask the dark circles under the eyes, as well as a variety of skin imperfections.
    • It has moisturising and nourishing action, makes the brightness of the skin eye mask blue and yellow of the skin.
    • Due to the liquid texture creates a light, thin coating does not block the skin breath.
    • Sun Block SPF28 PA ++

How to use

  1. Use after applying eye cream to eye area.
  2. Apply stick concealer and let it fit onto skin for about 5 seconds with dabbing motion.
  3. Dab onto dark circle with tip concealer for perfect coverage.
  4. Dab onto areas that need more coverage with stick and tip concealer to face before and or after applying foundation (BB, Cushion)


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