• PAUL & JOE Illuminating Touch Pen 2g
  • PAUL & JOE Illuminating Touch Pen 2g
  • PAUL & JOE Illuminating Touch Pen 2g

PAUL & JOE Illuminating Touch Pen 2g

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  • PAUL AND JOE illuminating touch pen enables simple application for wide area and also targeted areas.
  • Durability that promises no caking but locks a beautiful, fresh finish that is resistant to wrinkles caused by facial expressions.
  • Secret light enhances skin radiance.  The harmony of secret lights”gives subtle luster and depth to make the skin tone even more beautiful.
    • Secret light 1 – “Secret d’or,”1 PAUL & JOE’s special champagne gold pearl that makes the skin look brighter, delivers luminosity to skin with a natural glow.
    • Secret light 2 – Control color pearl cancels yellowness and skin dullness.
    • Secret light 3 – Highlighting pearl instantly brightens skin and appears more natural.

How to use

  1. For first time usage, click the dispensing button several times while checking to see if the liquid is seeping into the brush tip.
  2. For second time onwards, 1 or 2 clicks will supply an appropriate amount.
  3. Use before or after foundation application.
  4. Directly apply to areas you want to cover or brighten by lightly spreading with the tip of the brush and then gently blending using fingertips.

01 Dragee

  1. Use to draw on the smile lines and use finger to pat it down for youthful face.
  2. Lift up the corner of the lip with V line for naturally smiley lips.

02 Miel

  1. To cover up dark circles, draw 3 lines underneath the eyes. Use the side of the brush to keep applying the pen until the 3 lines are blended.
  2. It can be used to cancel redness on face to create a flawless makeup as well.

03 Neige

  1. Utilize 03 Neige to draw lines on the inner corner of the eyes towards the cheek and a line from the inner to the outer corner of the eyes.
  2. Blend it with finger to give a natural healthy plump look for bright eyes.

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01 Dragee, 02 Miel, 03 Neige


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