• GONZO Original Supply Super Slick Water Based Pomade 130g

GONZO Original Supply Super Slick Water Based Pomade 130g

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  • The Gonzo Pomade holds extremely well, and it also shapes well – especially for those who has more stubborn hair would benefit from using this pomade. The pomade holds strong enough to last through the day, and even with such level of hold, the hair still feels light. As it does not harden up too much, it is easy to restyle and you do not need water to reactivate the pomade. Not surprisingly, it holds up well even after sweating giving the user the confidence in the pomade.
  • The Gonzo Pomade has a rather old-school floral scent to it, and like most pomades, the scent is usually strong. Much like it’s design, the scent also bears an oriental touch to it – and that distinctive smell sets it apart from other pomades. But do not worry, it is a pleasant scent although do bear in mind that people may take notice.
  • The texture is smooth, but can be a little sticky. The stickiness may very well be the reason for the stronger hold. Application is easy, although you should really distribute well across the palm before applying to the hair. Despite being sticky, it is still easy to comb and doesn’t stiffen up easily.
  • This is definitely a good pomade to use, but potentially the only problem will be it’s distribution and availability. You will be able to get it from Pandorabox Malaysia and the only other place to get it is probably online. But overall, this is a pomade that’s built for the Malaysian weather, the staying and holding power it has easily puts it above its competitors. This pomade scores 4.5/5 on Pandorabox Malaysia.

How to use

  1. For less shine apply to dry hair and for more shine apply to damp hair.
  2. Scoop about a quarter sized amount out and rub between fingers and palms warming the product.
  3. Work into hair roots up evenly applying the pomade.
  4. Comb or brush to achieve your style.
  5. Optionally use hairdryer to lock in your look.
  6. Washes out with just water in the shower at the end of the day.

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