• HANAKA Pores Cleansing Brush 1pc

HANAKA Pores Cleansing Brush 1pc

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  • Brush off stubborn acne
  • The new “acne cleansing brush” washes your face while cleaning pores, microfiber.
  • Fine bristles, no pores in the pores, mild, painless, non-irritating
  • The pores are clean and the acne is naturally clean!
  • Zero dead angle! The trapezoidal bristles fit snugly on the nose or nose.
  • Every dirt is easily removed!
  • As fine as baby’s baby hair, 0.07mm.
  • Effectively deep into the pores, bid farewell to the acne sweep.
  • Except for old dead skin.

How to use

  1. Massage while washing.
  2. The trapezoidal bristles are clear 0 dead angles.
  3. Force acne.
  4. Can be used with facial cleanser, black frozen film, warm water.

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